How to Block Junk Faxes

Fax machines are essential to offices that frequently correspond with peers, clients and vendors throughout the country and world.  Being able to send important documents in a matter of seconds has changed the face of business communication.  If your office frequently receives faxes, you know there is nothing more frustrating than junk faxes wasting time, paper and fax toner or ink… well, except maybe paper jams.

If junk faxes are becoming an issue, there are a few ways to stop the madness.Junk Faxing

Use the fax blocking feature on your machine:

Enter the sender’s fax number into this feature and it will automatically block any faxes sent from said number.  Your machine’s manual should explain how to implement this function on your model.  It will serve a similar purpose as a SPAM folder on your email inbox.

Use a universal fax blocking software application:

  • If your machine does not have a built-in fax blocking program, software can be downloaded from the internet.  This is a list of downloadable fax software that offers a number of features that include junk fax blocking-

Use a call-blocking phone service:

  • If you have Caller ID on your fax machine, all you have to do is program the sender’s fax number into your unit and that number will automatically be blocked from any and all communication.
  • If you do not have Called ID, it is as simple as contacting the provider of your phone service and requesting call-blocking services.

Take action:

  • If the junk faxes continue after you request to be removed from the contact list, escalate it to the next level.  There are laws in place to protect you.

Contact the FCC or an attorney, as this is a violation of the law and the defendants could be summoned to pay upwards of $500 per page.

Robyn Warner
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