How to Host an Epic Summer Block Party

What is the best part of summer? Good old-fashioned block parties, of course! Pick a day, send out some invitations, and get ready to get reacquainted with the neighbors. This blog will help you to plan a get-together the people on your block will be talking about for years!

Somewhere to Sit

While it is not necessary for everyone to have a chair when the big day arrives, it is a good idea to have plenty of seating available for all the adults. You can ask neighbors and guests to bring their own lawn chairs or folding table sets. You can also rent seating.

If you plan on making large gatherings a regular happening at your place, make a more permanent gathering spot. This DIY swing arrangement can be built around a fire pit as shown. Speaking of fire pits, here are 33 potential DIY weekend projects to get you fired up!

Something to Do

Once everyone arrives, make sure you have activities and games ready for entertainment. Here are 13 outdoor games that require minimal preparation, and are likely to be remembered by the older crowd. You can also set up bubble stations for little kids, or even set up a sand and water play area. If you don’t have time to make one, a couple of toddler swimming pools would work just as well.

Something to Eat

Block parties are all about good food and drink, and there are plenty of options for even the most finicky eaters. If you live in a neighborhood of hard-workers, it might be a good idea to ask each family to pitch in for catering. You could also set up a few grills and have everyone chip in a couple bucks toward hotdogs and hamburgers. Potlucks are also a lot of fun, and this site is devoted to the best picnic food ideas.

Share your favorite recipe in the comments below. Now all you need are some neighbors who are ready to have some fun!

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