Highly Useful Ways to Brighten Office Restrooms

Like it or not, all employees will spend a bit of time doing things we’d rather not talk about. One thing that cannot be avoided is restroom breaks. This is one area where it’s best to just go with the flow, pun intended. Make it a welcoming place to get the job done. It’s time for a bit of work in—ahem—the bathroom.

Stock Up

One way to keep employees happy is to provide all the essential hygiene items. Of course you need toilet paper and hand-washing soap. But why not go the extra mile and provide staff with additional items like cotton swabs, lotion, and essential oils? You can display items in pretty glass bottles with printable labels so employees have a visual reminder of all the extras available to them.

Store It

If you don’t have very much storage space, there are many aesthetically appealing ways to organize bathroom goods. You can build shelves, take advantage of space under the sink, even stack items right on the back of the toilet! This DIY shelf is made from baskets and keeps everything easily accessible. There are thirty more creative bathroom storage ideas here .

Provide Entertainment

Lastly, keep those creative juices flowing with a bit of light reading. Subscribe to a handful of magazines that are related to business. Or if you want employees to really take a break, throw in a few paperbacks. You can use any number of things to display reading material, and they needn’t be expensive. Even a pants hanger can be used as a magazine display!

If you take on any of these projects, you’ll be well on your way to having a bathroom that employees will be proud of conducting business in. Now go ahead and practice your potty mouth. Tell us what you’ve done in your office restroom!

Greg Gladman
Greg Gladman has two degrees from the University of Cincinnati and prides himself on managing the operations and customer service at Ink Technologies. With a mind like a vault, he is full of useful and useless information, making him an asset to the company and to his Tuesday night trivia team. When he is not working, he spends his time bowling and playing golf. Greg dedicates much of his free time to raising money and awareness in support of the fight against blood cancers.

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