Epson Printer Error Messages

Epson Printer LogoEpson printers are generally pretty reliable, but they can still experience problems from time to time. Epson printers typically have an LCD display that will show error messages, rather than number codes when there is a problem, but these messages can sometimes be difficult to decipher.  Here is a list of some of the most common Epson printer error messages:

Message  Description  Solution 
MNT TK NEAR FULL The tank that catches excess ink, known as the maintenance tank, is nearly full. Replace the maintenance tank.
INK LOW One or more ink cartridges are almost empty. You can print until ink runs out, but quality may suffer.
MNT REQ #### An internal part of the printer is worn and needs to be replaced.  The numbers following the message will be the part code.  Refer to your manual for the codes for each part. Look up the code in your manual and then contact Epson’s technical support for a replacement.
NOZZLES STILL CLOGGED The nozzles are clogged. Run the Head Cleaning Utility, or you can try to unclog the nozzles without wasting ink.
CHANGE PAPER TYPE The media type that is in the tray does not match the paper settings. Change the settings or the paper so that they match.
WRONG PAPER SIZE The size of paper in the tray does not match the settings. Match the settings and paper size.
PAPER OUT There is no paper loaded in the tray or present on the roll. Load more sheets of paper or a new roll of paper.
RELOAD PAPER The paper that is currently loaded cannot be detected or is curled. Try loading it again and make sure the paper is not damaged.
PAPER NOT STRAIGHT The paper is not loaded correctly in the tray. Reload the paper, making sure it is straight and aligned properly.
PAPER NOT CUT When automatic cutting is activated, this error means the paper is not cut. Check to see that the cutter is installed properly and is not dull, then remove the uncut paper and try again.
COMMAND ERROR Incorrect driver has been loaded or the data received by the printer is not correct. Stop printing and hold the Pause button down for 3 seconds.  Confirm you are trying to load the correct driver. Also try resetting the printer and the computer.
MISMATCH ERROR The ink cartridge loaded is detected as non-Genuine Epson ink. Hold the Pause button down for 3 seconds to cancel task.  Try a cold start if your remanufactured Epson ink cartridge is not recognized.
LOAD ROLL PAPER The roll of paper is not correctly set or aligned. Set or align the roll paper correctly.
INK OUT One of more of the ink cartridges is empty Replace the empty Epson ink cartridge.
WRONG INK CRTG An ink cartridge that is not to be used with this Epson printer has been installed. Remove the ink cartridge and install a compatible cartridge.
NO INK CRTG Either an ink cartridge has not been installed or the ink lever is set to the release position. Install a cartridge or lower the lever to lock the cartridge in.
MNT TNK FULL The tank that catches excess ink, known as the maintenance tank, is full. Replace the maintenance tank.
LOWER INK LEVERS Both ink levers are raised (not locked). Lower the ink levers.
LOWER L INK LVR The left ink lever is raised. Lower the left ink lever.
LOWER R INK LVR The right ink lever is raised. Lower the right ink lever.
TOP COVER OPEN The top cover is open. Close the top cover.
SET PAPER LEVER The paper lever is in the release position. Set the paper lever to the secured position.
RELEASE LEVERREMOVE PAPER JAM There is a paper jam in the printer. Release the paper lever, open the top cover, and slowly remove the paper that is causing the jam.
NO MNT TNK The maintenance tank is not properly installed in the printer. Install a maintenance kit.
REAR COVER OPEN The rear cover is open. Close the rear cover.
UPDATE FAILED Firmware update was not completed or unsuccessful. Try updating the Firmware again.
UNLOCK PRINT HEAD The printhead is locked up. To release the printhead, pull the green tab next to it.
SERVICE REQ ##### Either the printhead is locked or a fatal error has occurred. The numbers after the message will identify where the error is based on the part codes. Try turning off your machine for a while and then turning it back on. If the error message persists, match the number code with the part and call technical support.

If you come across an error message that is not listed above, it is advised that you contact technical support.  You do not want to attempt to fix an issue that requires a professional repair, as you will most likely make the problem worse.  Epson offers support through their website and also provides customer care contact information.

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