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Epson Connect is a collection of solutions that enable certain Epson printers to connect with mobile devices.  HP (AirPrint), Brother (iPrint&Scan) and other major manufacturers have also jumped on the mobile printing bandwagon as mobile device sales have skyrocketed over the last two years.  Epson Connect entails two different mobile printing solutions: Email Print and the Epson iPrint Mobile Application.

Email iPrint Mobile AppEpson iPrint

This application can be downloaded to any Apple or Android mobile device, including tablets and smart phones.  Once this is downloaded and installed, the application will automatically scan for local Epson printers.  A list of the available printers will pop up and you will need to select yours.  You can print webpages, images and documents, recieve scanned documents from the printer, store data online, and monitor printer information such as ink levels.

Epson Email PrintEpson Email Print

This is another technology that can be used on all mobile devices, but it doesn’t require the downloading of any application.  The only thing required to use the Epson Email Print is a device with email capabilities.  You will have to sign up for this service, which can be done on the Epson website.  Once you sign up, the printer you are using will be given a unique email address.  (To find this, log into your Epson Connect Email Print account or print the confirmation page via the control panel on the unit.)  If you are using your tablet and want to print a picture, you simply access your email account and send the picture, as an email attachment, to the printer’s email address.  It will print automatically.

Here is a current list of printers compatible with both options:

Artisan Series Epson Stylus Series WorkForce Series WorkForce Pro and Pro-C Series
1430 NX230 323 WP-4010
700 NX330 325 WP-4020
710 NX420 435 WP-4023
725 NX430 520 WP-4090
730 NX510 545 WP-4520
800 NX515 600 WP-4530
810 NX530 610 WP-4533
835 NX625 615 WP-4540
837 Photo R2000 630 WP-4590
Photo R3000 633

Epson Remote Print and Epson Scan to Cloud

These are two elements of Epson Connect Solutions that are not mobile-based.  The Remote Print allows users to email print jobs through a remote desktop to a printer.  So if you are at home and need to print something in the office, you can use this program as a simple solution.  The Epson Scan to Cloud is limited in support, meaning only a few printers have this feature.  This feature gives you the opportunity to scan something, like a picture, then send it off to people in an email directly from the Epson printer.

These Epson Connect Solutions make it easy to print from a desktop or mobile device to your Epson inkjet or laser printer.  Both methods are free and simple, and offer good solutions to common problems. Download the application or register for a unique email address in moments and print freely from the palm of your hand.

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