DIY Holiday Countdown Crafts

The countdown to our favorite December holidays is about to begin. Depending on your beliefs, there are many ways to celebrate the most festive time of the year. Instead of spending a lot on store-bought items, here are some DIY ways to mark the days until your special celebration begins.

The Festival of Lights

To count down this eight-day festival, you can use items you probably already have at home. This project calls for a yardstick, eight envelopes, and a little bit of imagination to create the numbers for the countdown. Using a variety of envelopes, including paper bags or coin pouches, adds to the appeal. Office clips or clothespins are used to affix the envelopes to the yardstick, and all that’s left to add are small gifts for the envelopes.

Here are several other great ideas for a DIY Hanukkah menorah, including this simple, elegant design that involves painting bottles white. No matter which guests you have over, they’ll all appreciate the extra effort you’ve made.

Advent Calendar

Continuing with the DIY spirit of using things around the house, this countdown to Christmas uses magazines, a couple of brown paper bags, glue and scissors. Simply fold paper and add decorations and numbers, so that you’re ready to piece together holiday magic. When you’re finished assembling everything, fill the envelopes with small gifts or candy. Full step-by-step directions are here.

Here are more ideas for festive DIY Christmas advent calendars, including one that uses items from the dollar store. This idea is perfect if you have larger gifts or if you just have a lot of space at home to get in the Christmas spirit.

However you choose to celebrate the holidays, you can save money and create memories by making your own decorations right at home. Feel free to share other ideas you have in the comments section below.

Robyn Warner
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