A DIY Hanukkah Celebration

Hanukkah is a celebration of the triumph of Jewish people over religious persecution. The Jewish people enjoyed a victory over Greek soldiers many years ago. Hanukkah commemorates this fight along with the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Hanukkah, which lasts for eight days, is sometimes referred to as the Festival of Lights. The menorah candelabrum has eight main candles and one servant candle, taller than the others and placed in the center. The servant candle is used to light the other eight candles—one each day.

Although menorahs can certainly be purchased, there are many ways to make them as well. This article has 10 DIY menorahs. And this other article has more about the story of the menorah.

Part of the celebration of Hanukkah involves playing the dreidel game. In ancient times, when people got together for religious purposes, they would keep a dreidel on hand. That way, when persecutors came, they could pretend to be playing a game instead of practicing their religion.

To make a simple dreidel, all you need is cardboard and a pencil. You can also make dreidels with Legos. Here’s how to play the dreidel game. How much chocolate gelt you win is up to you!

As for chocolate gelt, if you’re watching your sugar intake, you can always cut “coins” out of yellow paper. Gelt can also be made using chocolate chips and aprocots.You can even buy gelt. Here is more information about the tradition of chocolate gelt.

Delicious chocolate gelt

Delicious chocolate gelt

Over the years, naturally, the celebration of Hanukkah has changed and become more commercialized. However you choose to celebrate, may you have a happy Hanukkah!

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