Dell is No Longer Making Inkjet Printers

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If you’ve shopped around Dell’s website lately, you may have noticed something missing. Whereas previously, the company bundled discounted or even free inkjet printers with many of their computer packages, they have now stopped selling Dell branded inkjet printers entirely! Does this mean owners of previous models are left out in the cold? We take a look at why this change happened, and how consumers will be affected.

Viewing the FAQ page of Dell’s website, we can see that Dell ceased the manufacture of new inkjet printers during the middle 2013. Instead, Dell now advertises Canon’s line of printers for those who require a printing solution. Perhaps most importantly, the page answers the question of whether or not printer owners will still have access to Dell brand printer supplies, by advising:

Dell ink can be purchased online and at Staples, as well as Office Depot and Best Buy beginning in August 2013.

So, it appears that Dell brand printer users still have some options for purchasing supplies. Of course, third-party supplies have always been an option, too, and will likely remain an option for much longer than the retailers noted above. In fact, a wide variety of Dell ink cartridges are available for purchase on our website. This could be a particularly good time to consider the cost savings and other Benefits of Remanufactured Cartridges.

Why the Change?

Perhaps you’re wondering why Dell made this change in the first place. It turns out the answer lies with Lexmark. You see, Dell has never manufactured their own printers, but instead had a deal in place to re-brand Lexmark printers under its own name. Many months prior to Dell’s announcement, Lexmark announced that it would no longer be making inkjet printers, and would bring its focus to laser models instead. Here are a few quotes from the press release:

The (restructuring includes) closing the Cebu, Philippines, inkjet supplies manufacturing facility by the end of 2015.

The company is working with its strategic advisors to explore the sale of the company’s inkjet-related technology.

Sadly, this restructuring also meant the loss of 1,700 positions, but was designed to help the company stay afloat. As a result of the change, Dell wasn’t given much choice but to follow suit. Lexmark offers similar assurances that they will continue to support older models by supplying Lexmark ink cartridges for owners who still need supplies.

Are Inkjet Printers Doomed?

With Lexmark and Dell exiting the inkjet market, many pundits are questioning whether the inkjet printer is doomed for eventual extinction. It is true that as users begin embracing paperless solutions and own more devices to handle digital documents and photos, the need for all printers is declining. But larger manufacturers like HP and Epson continue to make new and popular inkjet models each year.

This change for Dell and Lexmark is less a reflection on the printer industry as a whole, and more about a company choosing to abandon less profitable segments of their business. As the story continues to unfold, it is comforting to know that users can still get support and buy supplies for their previous models. Best of all, the inkjet printer appears to be safe from extinction, for a least a little while longer.

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