How to Make First Day of School Smiles

Get ready for school buses, stacked displays of crayons, and happy parents everywhere. It’s time to get those kids back to school! Every household differs in how they celebrate the first day of school. We’ll help you cover basics you won’t want to forget.

Celebrate First Steps

Whether you take a picture outside the school or on the front porch, it’s important to capture the first day of school. Lots of parents take a snapshot of their child, but i’s easy to do something extra special.

Some sites offer photographs of the first day of school for children around the world. You can do a little research on how children elsewhere celebrate. For instance, children in Germany carry a Schultüte to the classroom. Kids are interested in how other children do things. Back-to-school time is perfect for a quick lesson in culture—your children will thank you later!

Don’t Forget Teacher

Be sure to remember the person who will be spending most of the day with your child. Teachers work hard, and we all know it can be a thankless job. Skip apples and boring classroom fare; help your children’s teachers feel special by recognizing their life outside of the classroom. Just like you, teachers need relaxing downtime away from their charges.

Pick up a gift card to a popular restaurant in your area. A pricier option might be a gift certificate for a few hours at a local spa, and an even more endearing choice is to help your child put together a basket filled with personal-care items, like a back scratcher and bath products. Your child can make a card to add. The basket is guaranteed to make teacher smile!

These suggestions will help everyone going school have a good first day back in the saddle. Now, how do you keep all the parents smiling?

Robyn Warner
Robyn Warner has been writing since she learned how to hold a pen. She wrote her first book of poems before the age of 10. Though creative writing is her preference, she is enjoying life in the technical blog world. Robyn’s goal in her 30s is to use her writing to inspire fellow cancer survivors and have a job that gives her the flexibility to live anywhere and never wear shoes.

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