Common Ricoh Error Codes

Ricoh Printer LogoRicoh printers are typically found in office environments because of their versatility and ability to handle heavy workloads at a fast rate.  However, with such complex machines, errors are bound to happen.  Ricoh has made the error code system as organized as possible, though it is strongly recommended to contact Ricoh Technical Support for proper diagnosis, and take the machine to a service center for the proper repair.

The most critical issue with Ricoh printers is a temperature problem (codes: SC 543 and SC 455).  These errors should be given immediate attention, as bypassing this problem could result in a fire or some sort of irreparable damage.


The first batch consists of scanner-related issues.  You can turn off the machine, unplug it from the wall and let it sit for a few minutes.  The error may fix itself when you restart your device.  If not, most scanner issues are hardware-related, which will require professional repair.Ricoh Scanner

Code  Cause
SC 101 Exposure lamp error
SC 107 Lamp regulator malfunction
SC 120-123 Scanner home position error
SC 124 Encoder signal error
SC 125-126 Motor speed error
SC 128 Motor start error
SC 129 Motor control error
SC 130 Starting issue
SC 142 White level detection
SC 150 ROM mismatch
SC 181-184 Error within the CIS
SC 191 Bar code scanning error
SC 193 Image transfer error
SC 198 Memory card error


The next group is related to the laser technology.  Resetting the machine may fix the problem, but these are not issues you will want to try repairing yourself.

Code  Cause
SC 201 Motor problem
SC 220 Laser Sync Detect
SC 240 Power supply error
SC 260 Sensor error
SC 285 Line position error


The list below is in reference to problems with image development.  Once again, a cold start to reset the machine’s memory could do the trick.  Otherwise, contact Technical Support or take the unit to a local repair shop.

Code  Cause
SC 322 Laser synchronization issue
SC 325 Magnification correction
SC 328 LD unit home position error
SC 364 Hard drive malfunction
SC 365 Image storage address incorrect
SC 371-373 Sensor Detection for Yellow, Cyan, Magenta
SC 401 Abnormal transfer output
SC 402 Leak in transfer roller
SC 403 Transfer belt sensor error
SC 405 Transfer belt position incorrect
SC 440 Main motor lock
SC 460-461 Thermistor temperature issue


Paper feeding and fusing issues are the cause of this next group of error codes.  Many paper feed errors can be fixed by cleaning the rollers or clearing any paper jam.  The fuser issues can sometimes be rectified by adjusting the fuser temperature settings (if applicable to your model).

Code  Cause
SC 500 Motor error
SC 501-504 Tray/drawer lift motor failure
SC 506-507 Feed motor lock
SC 515-516 Guide motor error
SC 520-521 Duplexer jogger drive motor error
SC 530 Bypass feed motor lock
SC 531 Duplexer/Fuser reversing motor malfunction
SC 542 Fuser temperature warm-up
SC 546 Fuser ‘ready’ temperature error
SC 547 Fuser temperature not increasing
SC 548 Fuser installation problem
SC 551-557 Error with pressure roller
SC590 Fusing fan motor malfunction
SC 591 Ricoh toner supply motor error
SC 599 Output tray motor error


This is a list of communication errors.  Contact Technical Support for these issues as you may need to replace one of these main components.

Code  Cause
SC 600 Main control board and operation panel
SC 636 BICU and paper feed control
SC 696 Engine board and finisher


These are common error codes caused by peripherals.  Check to ensure the peripherals are properly installed. A printer reset may solve the problem, but if not, you should seek the advice of a professional.

Code  Cause
SC 700 RADF pickup error
SC 702-704 RADF motor lock
SC 721 Sorter motor malfunction
SC 722 Finisher jogger motor
SC 727 Stapler rotation issue
SC 760 ADF Gate abnormal
SC 770 Display editor not correct


These are some of the most common controller errors.  Make sure all connections are secure and restart the machine.  If the error persists, contact Technical Support.

Code  Cause
SC 800 Start-up with no video output
SC 804 Start-up with no video input
SC 818 Software malfunction
SC 819-820 Firmware problem
SC 855 Wireless LAN card issue
SC 857 USB interface error
SC 868 SD card data incorrect
SC 870 Abnormal address book data on hard drive

This list of Ricoh error codes should be helpful in self-diagnosing the problem, though keep in mind, only the most common codes are listed.  Your manual may provide a more comprehensive list for your specific model. If these simple troubleshooting tips provided don’t resolve the issue, it is best to contact Technical Support for further help.

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