Common Konica-Minolta Printer Error Messages

Konica-Minolta Printer LogoKonica-Minolta specializes in making durable, reliable office printers and all-in-one machines.  However, not even the top manufacturers in the printing industry can guarantee these devices will work without error.  If you have a Konica-Minolta laser printer or multi-function unit, below is a list of some of the most common error messages you may encounter, and possible solutions to help get you back up and running:

Display Message Message Meaning Solution
Close Printer Cover The printer cover is open. Close the printer covers.
Paper Empty – Refill Paper There is no paper. Load paper into the input tray.
Paper Jam – Remove paper Paper is jammed near the input tray. Clear the paper jam.
Paper Jam NB 2 – Remove Paper Paper is jammed in the center of the machine. Open the front panel and clear the paper jam.
Paper Jam NB 3 – Remove Paper Paper is jammed near the output tray. Clear the paper jam.
Check Printer: 01  – Reset Device The fuser temperature is too high. Let the printer cool and try printing again.  If it is still overheating, adjust the fuser temperature if possible.
Check Printer: 02 – Reset Device The fuser temperature is too low. Adjust the printer fuser temperature settings if possible.  If not, contact technical support.
Check Printer: 04 – Reset Device There is an error with the motor. Contact technical support.
Check Printer: 05 – Reset Device The laser is not properly aligned or synchronized. Contact technical support.
Paper Size – Replace Paper The paper size does not match the settings. Change the print settings or the type of paper.
Heating – Please Wait The printer is warming up. Wait for the printer to finish warming up.
Insert Toner – Toner Low The toner cartridge is running low on toner. Remove and shake cartridge to redistribute toner or replace the Konica-Minolta toner cartridge if it is still not working properly.
22 Main Tray Lift The multimedia tray is overloaded. Remove some of the media on the multimedia tray.
16 Xfer Belt Rot The transfer belt is rotating during print jobs. Make sure the transfer belt is moving during printing. If it is locked in place, contact technical support.

Some of these issues are simple to fix by the average user, but others require a professional or at least the assistance of technical support.  If the solution seems too complicated or risky to fix yourself, do not hesitate to call Konica-Minolta customer care.  It is better to ask for help than to risk damaging your machine further.

Greg Gladman
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