Common HP Printer Error Codes

Although newer models of HP printers offer big LCD screens that display text descriptions of problems occurring with the unit, the older models have small status windows that display numeric error codes with minimal description.  Below is a list of some of the most common error codes you may come across with your HP printer.  Keep in mind, some of these issues are easily fixed, but others may require the help of the professionals at HP Technical Support.

Load HP Paper Tray

Load the paper on the tray and use the tab to lock the paper in place.

Error 11: Paper Empty

Solution: Restock the paper.

Error 12: Printer is open

Solution: Close all doors and panels on the printer.

Error 13.XX: Paper Jam

Solution: Clear the paper jam.

13.0 Jam in non-specific location
13.1 Paper delay at paper-feeder
13.10 Jam at duplexer
13.2 Paper jam at paper-feeder
13.20 Jam in paper path
13.21 Jam because top cover open
13.5 Paper delay at fuser
13.6 Paper jam at fuser
13.99 Jam in non-specific location

Error 14: Cartridge Not Installed Correctly

Solution: Remove and reinstall the cartridge.  Be sure it locks securely into place.

Error 16: Ink/Toner Low

Solution: Change the expired cartridge

Error 20: Insufficient Memory

Solution: Add more memory if possible or reduce the amount of data sent by splitting into multiple print jobs.

Error 21: Task Too Complex (Print Overrun)

Solution: Reduce the amount of data or split the task into multiple print jobs.

Error 40: Bad Transmission

Solution: Reset the machine or replace the networking card in the slot giving the error message.

Error 50: Fuser

Solution: Contact Technical Support

Error 52: Scan Speed Incorrect

Solution: Reset printer and check all cables.  This could be a startup error or rotation error.  If the problem persists, contact Technical Support.

Remove Seal From Cartridge

Carefully remove the seal from the cartridge by pulling it out from the side.

Solution: Turn off the machine and take out the memory card.  Reseat or insert it into a different slot, if possible.  The issue may be a faulty or incompatible memory card.

Error 54: Seal Not Removed From Cartridge

Solution: Take the new ink or toner cartridge out of the printer and remove the shipping seals.

Error 55: Internal Communication

Solution: Likely an internal component issue (i.e. formatter, engine controller board), contact Technical Support.

Error 57: Fan Failure

Solution: This could be the printer fan or duplexer fan.  Contact Technical Support.

Error 59: Main Motor

Solution: Contact Technical Support.

Error 62.X: Main Printer Memory

Solution: Restart the printer (to clear internal memory), or replace the media card.  For more assistance, contact Technical Support.HP Memory Card Slots

62.0 Internal memory
62.1-4 Memory card slots 1, 2, 3, or 4

Error 64: Scan Buffer

Solution:  Restart the printer.  If the error still appears, contact Technical Support.

Error 69: Duplex Failure

Solution: Restart the printer.  If the error still appears, contact Technical Support.

This list of codes should be helpful at home or at the office.  While certain error codes may vary with each model, these are some of the most common problems you will encounter.  Use the troubleshooting tips, but be careful not to damage the machine any further by attempting advanced repairs.

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