Common Brother Printer Error Messages

Brother is one of the most widely known manufacturers of office equipment, ranging from thermal label printers to enterprise all-in-one machines.  Over the years, Brother has earned a reputation of producing top-of-the-line equipment with innovative features.  However, with complex machinery, problems will come up.  Below we have listed the most common error messages reported from Brother users, and some potential solutions:

Error 40-44

Any of these numbers indicates that the printer is overheating, typically from overuse.  The manufacturer recommends simply turning the machine off, unplugging it from the wall, and letting it cool down for several minutes.  When you restart it, the message should be gone.

Error 5X – 7X

A paper jam or sensor issue has caused the machine to stop printing.  Open your machine and clear the jammed paper or wipe debris off the sensor.  Brother offers instructions on how to clear various types of paper jams.

Error E50

The fuser is a heated roller that is used to melt and fuse the toner to the paper.  Once the loose toner is applied to the paper, the fuser applies heat and pressure to bind the laser toner particles to the fibers of the material.  The E50 error represents a malfunction in the fuser and that part will likely need to be replaced.

Error E51

This error message will appear when there is something wrong with the laser protection.  Either the lid, beam, or mirror is out of alignment.  Your best bet is to contact technical support.

If you have connected your computer to the Brother printer via parallel port, this error will appear when there has been a data transfer issue.  Restart your printer and computer to clear the data and try again.

Check Paper Path

The rollers inside of the machine are dirty or have become misaligned.  Open the printer and clean or straighten the rollers.  If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the roller(s) causing the problem.

Cutter Problems

A defective cutter spring has caused a jam inside the printer.  Remove the cutter assembly, lubricate it, and reinstall it.  Consult the manual for specific instructions, or contact Technical Support.

These errors are not all universal.  For instance, inkjet printers do not have a fuser, so you will not see Error E50 on your Brother inkjet printer.  Still, this list comprises some of the most common messages across Brother’s entire line of printers.  If your error message is not listed here, reference your user’s manual or contact Brother directly for further assistance.

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