Changing Canon Pixma MX700 Bulbs

MX700The Canon Pixma MX700 has quite a few things that make it different from other models on the market. One of these things that sets it apart is its small bulb, or lamp, placed inside that helps the machine scan and copy documents. Just  like any lamp or light in your house or workplace, that little light inside your MX700 will eventually burn out and need replaced.  When this light burns out, the unit will no longer be able to copy or scan.

Don’t be too concerned, though. Unlike many machines that are not user-serviceable, the bulb inside the MX700 is easy enough to replace. You will only need two items to perform the replacement — a pair of gloves and a new replacement bulb, which you can find online or in some specialty stores near you. You may also want to have a lint-free cloth handy to clean the inside of the scanning surface while you have it open.

The first thing you need to do is unplug the USB cable between your printer and your computer. Then, make sure the printer is powered off and disconnect the power cord from its power outlet, extension cord or surge protector. Once the printer has cooled down completely to room temperature, move the unit to a sturdy surface with good lighting so you can work on it.

Scanning BulbPut on the rubber gloves to avoid getting oils from your hands on the glass surface or the bulbs, then open the panel on the top of the machine’s scanner, which should provide access to the glass flatbed scanning surface.

Press the unlock button on the left side of the scanner to release the glass scanning surface and allow it to open upward. Inside the left side of the printer, you should be able to see a small bulb. Firmly pull the bulb out of its socket. Slide the replacement bulb into that vacant space, and make sure you press down until it snaps into place. While you have the glass surface open, you may wish to use the lint-free cloth to carefully wipe away any dust or dirt on the underside of the glass. This is also a good time to perform some of the steps for Ensuring Longevity and Quality From Your Printer.

Put the machine back together, plug it in, and test the copy and scan functionality. You should find that the bulb lights up during scanning and that the normal functions are restored. If you are still experiencing problems, the problem may be something other than a burned out bulb, and you should contact the manufacturer or take the device to a repair shop.

Greg Gladman
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