Celebrate Grandparents!

There are about 70 million grandparents in the United States.  According to 72% of them, being a grandparent is the single most important and satisfying thing in their life.  Thanks to Marian McQuade, the Sunday after Labor Day is cause to celebrate grandparents everywhere. Our post will help you make the grandparents in your life feel as special as they have made you feel.

Honor the Family Tree

If you have the type of grandparents who get really excited about heritage and lineage, there are lots of ways to celebrate. You could make a family tree in the old-fashioned way, with lines and circles on a scroll of paper. Or you could get creative and use fingerprints, footprints, or handprints as leaves. Either way, Grandma and Grandpa are sure to smile!

Remember the Rules

Things are surely different at Grandma’s house, and the house rules are probably no exception. At your house, maybe there’s no dessert until dinner is all gone. At Grandpa’s house, dessert may be the main course! At your house, you might have to pick up old toys before you take out new ones. At Grandma’s, it might be perfectly fine to tear apart the entire living room. Whatever the rules at your grandparents’ house, why not honor them by making them known? You can make a simple plaque to let everyone know the rules (or lack thereof). Laughs are sure to follow!

Take Lots of Pictures

Photo ops come hand in hand with families. Your grandparents probably have a ton of pictures tucked away. Why not add to the collection by organizing a family photo-taking at a local studio? You could also take a few sweet snapshots of individuals and put them into a collage. Your grandparents will be the envy of all their friends!

These are just a few suggestions for how you might celebrate Grandparent’s Day. What are some of your own ideas?

Robyn Warner
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