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How Offset Printing Works Infographic

How Offset Printing Works Infographic Lead In Graphic

Ever wonder how your favorite magazine is made and how so many are mass produced? We have all heard the term “offset printing,” but do you actually know what goes into that particular printing process? Find out more about how so many publications are produced before they get into your hands. Continue reading “How Offset Printing Works Infographic” »

What is HP Cartridge Protection?

HP Cartridge ProtectionIf you’ve purchased an HP Printer, you might notice that the printer won’t allow you to install your cartridge. Is HP trying to block you from using compatible and remanufactured supplies? Not exactly.

With some new printers, HP introduced a Cartridge Protection feature that is designed to protect against counterfeit products posing as genuine HP supplies. Unfortunately, it often has the side effect of blocking less expensive compatible and remanufactured supplies.

We’ll show you how to disable it with a few simple steps. Continue reading “What is HP Cartridge Protection?” »

How to Set Up a Printer on a Mac

Printer and MacSetting up a printer on a Mac is generally quite a bit easier than setting one up on a PC. In most cases, you won’t even need a driver disc, but if you’ve never done it before, you may not know where to start. The big benefit of Mac OS X printing is that the operating system maintains a database of printers, so it can automatically install or download the right software in most cases. We will look at a few different types of printer connection types, and how to set up each type on a Mac. Continue reading “How to Set Up a Printer on a Mac” »

How To Install Ink Cartridges

Installing CartridgesYou’ve ordered new ink cartridges for your printer, brought them home, taken them out of the box, and now…how in the world do you install them? The tricky thing about replacing ink cartridges is that the process is a little different for each model, and from one manufacturer to the next. We will give you some general guidelines to get you started, and some links for more specific information for your printer. Continue reading “How To Install Ink Cartridges” »

What is Inkless Printing?

Smart App PrintersIf you’ve owned at least one inkjet printer before, you’ve probably been stung by high ink prices, and wished for an alternative. A few manufacturers are now offering “inkless” printers, that don’t require any ink, yet still produce pretty good images and text. A printer that requires no ink would seem to be the answer to everyone’s prayers, but are there downsides to inkless printing? Continue reading “What is Inkless Printing?” »

How To Clean Printer Ink Off Your Hands and Skin

Ink on HandsReplacing ink cartridges is usually a pretty simple and clean process, but once in a great while, disaster happens! You remove the old cartridge and printer ink leaks onto your hands, your skin, and possibly everything else in the room. Cleaning printer ink off your hands and skin can be particularly tough, so we’ve gathered a number of different methods you can try. Start with the simple methods, then move onto the advanced methods if the stain is particularly stubborn.

Continue reading “How To Clean Printer Ink Off Your Hands and Skin” »

What is CMYK?

If you’ve used a color printer or programs like Photoshop, you’ve probably seen or heard the term CMYK, but what does it stand for? Why should you care? In this article, we’ll explore the CMYK color model, as well as how it differs from other color models like RGB.
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Understanding the Cost Per Page of Supplies


Chances are, you’ve had this experience: You shop for a printer that is in your price range, or even below your price range, get it home, and start printing. After a while, the cartridges run dry and need to be replaced, and only THEN do you realize that the cartridges for your bargain printer are not such a bargain.

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Tips For Removing Ink And Toner Stains From Carpet

Tried and tested tips for removing stubborn ink and toner stains.

Carpet CleaningIf you are someone who frequently changes your ink cartridges and toner, whether it is at work or at home, unfortunate accidents are bound to happen when dealing with these kinds of staining liquids. We’ve all been there―you’re in the middle of switching out an old cartridge with a new one when suddenly, your hands slip and there is a large blot of ink or toner now wreaking havoc on your carpet.

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Quality Process for Toner Cartridge Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing of toner cartridges is a specialized process that requires many steps in order to achieve “original OEM” quality standards.   Unlike the “drill and fill” methods used by many manufacturers, top tier resellers like Ink Technologies source cartridges only from manufacturers that use the most rigorous quality standards.   Here is an overview of a high quality toner cartridge remanufacturing process:

Toner Cartridge Inspection

1. Sorting and Grading

All incoming toner cartridge empties are strictly inspected and sorted according to model, color and quality level before delivery to the production line. Only premium empty cartridges are used, to ensure optimal quality.
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