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HP LaserJet P2010 Lights

HP P2010 Status Lights

The status lights on the HP LaserJet P2010 control panel.

The models in the HP LaserJet P2010 series are fast and reliable devices, but diagnosing problems can be a bit tricky, owing to the use of multiple status lights on the control panel. There are six status lights and each one stands for something different. Each light can also be combined with other lights to relay even more information. To better understand, consider these six lights as lights 1-6, from top to bottom. Here are some of the most common light codes and their meanings. Continue reading “HP LaserJet P2010 Lights” »

HP Fax Errors

Though fax machines are slowly becoming obsolete as the world continues to go digital, many offices still rely on this form of communication for sending important documents.  Like any piece of equipment, errors will arise and trying to decrypt these codes is often more baffling than the errors themselves!

Fax repairBefore troubleshooting the issue, be sure all of the cords are plugged in, other devices are not using the phone line, and the machine is ready to receive faxes by having paper loaded and HP toner installed. Continue reading “HP Fax Errors” »

Xerox Phaser 750 Series Indicator Lights

Xerox Phaser 750Despite the fact that Xerox Phaser 750 series printers have a small LCD screen, there are also a few indicator lights on the front panel that can provide a quick indication of errors even from across the room. Since there are a few different indications relayed by the lights, it is worth understanding what each state means. Listed below are the different indicators your Phaser will give off, what they mean and how to clear them. Continue reading “Xerox Phaser 750 Series Indicator Lights” »

HP Deskjet 6100 Blinking Lights

Since they lack an LCD screen for relaying information, the HP Deskjet 6100 series printers use a series of lights on the control panel instead. This article will provide a breakdown of the status or error messages conveyed by the lights.

Deskjet 6100 LightsOn the front panel, these units have three lights and four buttons. The status of the printer can actually be determined by what the lights are doing. The top button is the “Cancel” button, the second is a printer cartridge status light. The third one down is the “Resume” button and light, and fourth is the power button and power light. Continue reading “HP Deskjet 6100 Blinking Lights” »

HP 50.4 Error

Error Code 50.4One of the most common and troublesome errors you may encounter with your HP printer is the error 50.4, which affects laser printers specifically. The error indicates that you have a fuser issue, but the confusing part of this error is that there could be three different causes of your fuser working improperly, and it may not be an actual failure of the fuser itself. Here are the three most likely causes of the 50.4 error, and some troubleshooting steps to help you resolve them. Continue reading “HP 50.4 Error” »

Dell False Low Ink Message

A common problem that users of Dell inkjet printers experience is having the “Low Ink” warning pop up when in fact the ink is not low at all. Though this can happen with any printer, it seems to be more common in Dell printers.  It is an annoying flaw, but is generally an easy fix.

Here are a few quick steps to hide this false error through the Dell software on your PC:

  1. Fix Dell False Ink WarningClick the Start menu.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Select Printer and Faxes or Devices and Printers.
  4. Right click the icon for your printer and choose Printing Preferences.
  5. Go to the Advanced Settings tab.
  6. Click More Options. Continue reading “Dell False Low Ink Message” »

HP Printer Svchost.exe Error

Svchost.exe Error MessageIf you have an HP inkjet printer connected to a Windows computer or network, you may encounter a svchost.exe error message that will appear on your computer screen.  This error usually coincides with the CPU, or processor, being completely occupied at 100%.  When the problem is related to your printer, it is generally caused by the HP Network Devices Support service.  It is important to understand that this error message may appear as a result of Windows updates, which are unrelated to your printer.  You can download a utility called Process Explorer to help you identify the root of the error. Continue reading “HP Printer Svchost.exe Error” »

Kyocera-Mita Printer Error Codes

Kyocera-Mita LogoKyocera-Mita produces printers and all-in-one devices primarily for office use.  These machines are traditionally reliable and durable, but naturally, errors will occur from time to time.  There are a number of errors that you can fix yourself, however, many require Kyocera-Mita Technical Support. If you feel the problem is too complex, seek help rather than potentially damage the machine any further. Continue reading “Kyocera-Mita Printer Error Codes” »

Common Konica-Minolta Printer Error Messages

Konica-Minolta Printer LogoKonica-Minolta specializes in making durable, reliable office printers and all-in-one machines.  However, not even the top manufacturers in the printing industry can guarantee these devices will work without error.  If you have a Konica-Minolta laser printer or multi-function unit, below is a list of some of the most common error messages you may encounter, and possible solutions to help get you back up and running: Continue reading “Common Konica-Minolta Printer Error Messages” »

Common Ricoh Error Codes

Ricoh Printer LogoRicoh printers are typically found in office environments because of their versatility and ability to handle heavy workloads at a fast rate.  However, with such complex machines, errors are bound to happen.  Ricoh has made the error code system as organized as possible, though it is strongly recommended to contact Ricoh Technical Support for proper diagnosis, and take the machine to a service center for the proper repair. Continue reading “Common Ricoh Error Codes” »