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Epson Inkjet Firmware Upgrades

Epson has released a number of new firmware updates that are designed to block the use of third-party ink cartridges. The error message may say the cartridge is damaged or not recognized. 

Epson, among other manufacturers, has a tendency to push firmware upgrades intentionally to reject third party cartridges, thus forcing customers to buy the far more expensive OEM cartridges.

We are actively working on getting new cartridges that will be recognized by all of the printers regardless of firmware, but this could take 3-4 weeks.

If you have one of the following printers and have upgraded the firmware, please follow the link to downgrade the firmware so you are able to continue using your third-party cartridges:

InkModelLink to Downgrade
Expression Premium 

Expression Premium 

*We now have the T288XL series in stock with up-to-date chips*

If you have one of the following printers, a new firmware upgrade has been released and will disable the third-party cartridges from working.  We do not have a solution just yet, but you can prevent future firmware updates by following the Disable link below:

Ink                                           Printers                  Link To Disable          

WorkForce Pro

WorkForce WF-2860
Expression Home XP-5100      

If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Remove Firmware that blocks Remanufactured Ink

HP has recently updated a list of printers that block the use of third party ink cartridges and gives the user an error message stating that the cartridge is “damaged”.

This is an attempt for HP to force consumers to use Genuine HP ink cartridges instead of saving money by using our less expensive, high quality remanufactured ink cartridges. If you experience this message while using a third party cartridge, there is a simple fix to this problem: 1) click the link below to go to the HP website, 2) select your printer model, and 3) download and run the firmware update.  Once this is completed, you can install your cartridge and use it with no further problems.

A list of printers that are impacted by this update are:

• HP OfficeJet 6800 Series
• HP OfficeJet 6812
• HP OfficeJet 6815
• HP OfficeJet 6820
• HP OfficeJet 6822
• HP OfficeJet 6825
• HP OfficeJet Pro 6200 Series
• HP OfficeJet Pro 6230
• HP OfficeJet Pro 6235
• HP OfficeJet Pro 6239
• HP OfficeJet Pro 6830
• HP OfficeJet Pro 6835
• HP OfficeJet Pro 251 dw
• HP OfficeJet Pro 276 dw
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8100 ePrinter
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Premium e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8615 e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8616 e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8625 e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8630 e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8640 e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro 8660 e-All-in-One
• HP OfficeJet Pro X 450 Series
• HP OfficeJet Pro X 451 dn
• HP OfficeJet Pro X 451 dw
• HP OfficeJet Pro X 470 Series
• HP OfficeJet Pro X 476 dn
• HP OfficeJet Pro X 476 dw
• HP OfficeJet Pro X 551 dw
• HP OfficeJet Pro X 576 dw

Troubleshooting Inkjet Printers

Troubleshooting PrinterInkjet printers are mainly designed for home use, which means that when problems arise, you don’t have a technical support team at your beck and call. In many cases, you can contact the manufacturer for support, but there are a number of common troubleshooting steps you can try first to see if you can resolve the issue on your own. Most problems fall into a number of common categories, and often a few simple steps can get you back up and running. Here are some troubleshooting steps to try before you contact support for further help:

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Printer Numeric Error Codes Explained

Error codeWhen a printer encounters an error, it will often display an error code on its LCD panel, alerting users of the problem. Newer models with larger displays usually give a clear message such as “Paper tray empty”, but older models with a small display may only display numeric error codes, such as “Error 11” to alert users to a problem. The user manual is generally the best resource for an explanation of what the specific error code means for your printer, but the list below provides some of the most common error codes, and possible solutions to the problems. These codes generally apply to older HP laser models, but models from other manufacturers such as Samsung may use these standardized codes as well.

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Common Kodak Error Messages

Kodak LogoKodak is known for producing excellent cameras, and their photo printers are some of the best on the market as well. Even with the best-designed printer, however, problems can arise. Most modern Kodak printers give the user clear feedback about the problem in plain English, though some older models may use codes due to a limited screen size. Here are some of the most common error messages, and some possible solutions: Continue reading “Common Kodak Error Messages” »

IBM Printer Error Codes

IBM designs reliable printers that generally require little maintenance, but from time to time, problems may occur, and your IBM printer may display an error message to alert you of an issue. Here is a list of the most common errors and potential solutions to help you resolve the problem:

Error 12: Check Paper Path

Some printers have more than one output tray. This error indicates that the wrong paper path is selected, or the selected path has no paper.

Error 21: Paper Jam

There is a paper jam in the machine. Open any access panels and check for jammed paper, then slowly remove it. If there is not paper jam, check for small bits of paper or debris stuck near the sensors, as this may also trigger the error message. For more detailed instructions for clearing a paper jam, visit this IBM page.

Error 22: Out of Paper

Check the paper tray. If there is paper already loaded, try unloading the paper and reinserting it to make sure it is being recognized. If you have multiple trays, the printer may be set to an alternate tray that is currently empty.

IBM Printer Manual Feed Slot

Make sure the printer is set to the manual feed slot before inserting paper.

Error 24: Incorrect Manual Feed

If a user has attempted to use the manual paper feed slot while the printer is using the automatic feeder, this error will come up.  Be sure to only use the manual feed option when the printer is specifically set for it. Continue reading “IBM Printer Error Codes” »

Simple Fixes for Lexmark Error Codes

Lexmark printers display error codes to alert users of a problem. While some of these codes are quite serious, and may require a professional repair, others are very simple and can be resolved quickly by the user. Here are some of the most harmless error codes you are likely to encounter, with some quick fixes to get you up and running in a flash.

Error 22 or 23:  Paper Jam or Out of Paper

Depending on the model, this error code can mean that the unit is out of paper, or that it has a paper jam. Try unloading the input paper tray and carefully reloading the paper to make sure it is being detected properly.

If you suspect you have a paper jam, see the video below for specific instructions related to Lexmark models, or visit our page on How to Clear Paper Jams. Either way, make sure to check for any debris that may be blocking the sensors, as this can also trigger an error message. Continue reading “Simple Fixes for Lexmark Error Codes” »

Spooler Subsystem App Errors

Spooler Subsystem App ErrorMany Windows error messages are fairly descriptive about the problem that occurred, while others are very cryptic. If you are working with Windows and you have seen the “Spooler SubSystem App has encountered a problem and needs to close” error, you have run into one of the more cryptic variety. Continue reading “Spooler Subsystem App Errors” »

Brother Printer Paused or Offline

Brother printers are generally quite reliable, and the majority of users won’t encounter many Brother error messages, even during heavy use. One error that you may encounter infrequently, however, is a message that states “The printer status is Offline” or “The printer status is Paused”. Essentially, the system is alerting you that Windows has paused the device or that it is now considered “offline”. Luckily, this is actually very easy to fix, and it should take you only a few steps to get up and running again.

Printer Status is Offline

The instructions for getting the printer online depend on the operating system you are using:

  • Use Printer OnlineWindows XP — Click “Start”, then “Printers and Faxes”.  Right-click your Brother printer’s name, and then click “Use Printer Online”.
  • Windows Vista — Choose “Start”, followed by “Control Panel”. Next, click on “Hardware and Sounds” and then “Printers”. Right-click your Brother printer and then click “Use Printer Online”.
  • Windows 7 — Click “Start”, then “Devices and Printers”. Now double click on your Brother printer’s icon and click “See what’s printing”. Next, simply click “Printer”. You will now see an option that says “Use Printer Offline” with a checkmark in the box next to it. Click to remove the check mark from the box. Continue reading “Brother Printer Paused or Offline” »

Lexmark 3300 Series 1203 Error

If you have a Lexmark 3300 series printer, you receive errors as numbered Lexmark error codes, due to the smaller screen. Error code 1203 is common enough that is worth spending a little extra time on, and it is often fairly easy to resolve.

Generally you will see this error because miscommunication has occurred between a cartridge and the machine itself. You may also see this error if there is an electrical failure in a printhead.

Unplug Power Cord

Reset the Printer

In order to fix this error, shut down the machine and unplug the power cable from the back of the device. After about 30 seconds, plug the power cable back into the machine and turn the multifunction device back on. Try printing a test page, and if that is normal, the error has been resolved. If it doesn’t work or the error message returns, you can try a few more things. Continue reading “Lexmark 3300 Series 1203 Error” »