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New Developments in 3D Printing: Blood, Drawing, and T-Rex Bones

3D printing is always pushing to new horizons. Whether it’s in the field of medicine, technical gadgets or interactive learning, 3D printing is about creating improvements for our lives or recreating experiences as you will soon read about. Check out some of the newest developments.

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What’s on the 3D Printing Horizon

The ability to print in 3D is constantly growing to include new materials and unbelievable feats. Here are a few new horizons that are opening up in 3D printing. Continue reading “What’s on the 3D Printing Horizon” »

Ideas for 3D Printing Food, Accessories, and Playtime

In the brave, new world of 3D printing, it is still fascinating to see what can be printed from your computer screen. Creations that take shape in your mind, then translate to your computer screen, can now print in the same world that you dreamed them in. Is your curiosity piqued? Check out some of these ideas we’ve collected.
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The Coolest Innovations to Watch for in 2014

Every January, Las Vegas hosts the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow where large and small businesses alike showcase what are soon to be the hottest new tech gadgets. Following last week’s CES, we scoured the web to find some of the coolest innovations to watch for in the coming year. Here are some of our favorites:


Developed by AIST, a leading Japanese industrial automation pioneer, Paro is a robotic baby harp seal used in hospitals and extended care facilities to reduce patient and caregiver stress. The seal’s five kinds of sensors allow it to respond to people as if it were alive and to engage them with their preferred behavior. While not new to CES, Paro is the 8th generation of a design that has been utilized in Japan and throughout Europe since 2003. Guinness World Records has even named Paro the World’s Most Therapeutic Robot. You too can purchase your very own Paro for $4,518 from the Japan Trend Shop.

Paro Robotic Baby Harp Seal

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3D Printing Christmas Dinner

We’ve heard about a lot of wild applications for 3D printing lately, including bones, guitars, and even cars. But our favorite use for 3D printers has to be making dinner. These futuristic machines are cranking out everything from main courses to veggies and dessert, all while using household ingredients.

Here’s what your holiday meal might look like next year:


Natural Machines Foodini 3D Printing Pizza
Still of video from Natural Machines

No more rolling out dough! The Foodini boasts an even layer of crust and sauce.

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3D Printing Human Organs

Printing Liver Tissue

3D printing liver tissue. Image:

The story sounds like something out of a horror movie, or at least a dark science fiction film. Nevertheless, scientists are already using 3D printing technology for printing and testing live tissue with an eye toward replacement organs. While it might sound a bit like a modern reboot of “Frankenstein”, their research could eventually lead to life-saving procedures and shorter organ donor waiting lists. How far are we from printing entire replacement bodies? Continue reading “3D Printing Human Organs” »

3D Printing a Room: The “Digital Grotesque” Project

Digital GrotesqueNew 3D printing projects are cropping up online every day, from printing 3D cars to 3D printing prosthetics. So far, though, this is the first attempt at 3D printing an entire room, and the results are amazing! The project, titled “Digital Grotesque“, was designed to be a 172 square foot room that can surround viewers in its detail, and it was all created through 3D printing. Continue reading “3D Printing a Room: The “Digital Grotesque” Project” »

3D Printed Prosthetics Provide New Hope for the Disabled

The process of fitting and purchasing an artificial limb can be expensive and extremely time-consuming, and many in third-world countries can’t afford them at all. There is new hope, however, as 3D printer owners are now printing their own prosthetic limbs, hands, and more; saving themselves hundreds or thousands of dollars and providing customization that might be difficult to achieve otherwise. Best of all, as they collaborate and share their knowledge and designs, the idea of simple, affordable prosthetics moves closer to reality. Continue reading “3D Printed Prosthetics Provide New Hope for the Disabled” »

Major 3D Printing Patents Are Soon to Expire


Ask the average technology enthusiast (and maybe even the average Joe) what technologies they are most excited about, and chances are you will hear “3D printing” from more than a few. We’ve covered the Possibilities of a 3D Printer before, and it’s no secret that this technology could revolutionize more than a few industries, so what is holding it back from more mainstream adoption? The first obstacle is price, but the second, as it turns out, is patents.

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The Possibilities of a 3D Printer

3D printing technology is relatively new, finding its beginnings in the 1980s, but the progress it has made and the future it holds summon nothing less than amazement. With new materials being introduced into the 3D printing process, the possibilities seem endless. In addition to the lure of printing common, everyday items, the technology is building excitement for the opportunities it carries in medicine and health care. 3D printing is now making waves in food production, industry materials, and even medicine!

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