Cartridge Not Recognized?

If you’ve been using OEM cartridges in your inkjet or laser printer and have recently replaced those with remanufactured or compatible products, you may be receiving an error message telling you that the new cartridge is not recognized, or that the cartridge is empty, even though you know it is full. Don’t panic!  This just means your printer is having trouble reading the chip on the new cartridge.  Generally, doing a “Cold Start” will clear the issue right up. We created this video to demonstrate the process for you:


UnpluggedHere are the steps:

  1. Remove the unrecognized cartridge. Make sure to put the cartridge on some paper or plastic, as it could leak once the seal has been pulled.
  2. Turn your printer off with the power button.
  3. Unplug the printer from the wall. Be sure to leave the printer unplugged for at least 10 minutes.  This is very important, as it will clear the printer’s memory completely!
  4. After  waiting for 10 minutes or more, plug the machine back in, reinsert the cartridge and turn the unit back on.

By shutting down and disconnecting the power source, you are allowing the printer’s memory to completely reset.  Occasionally, the machine will initially reject the remanufactured cartridge because the printer thinks the original cartridge is still installed.

Once you have performed a cold start, if the unit still refuses to accept the cartridge, please go to the Returns & Warranty page of to fill out the return request form.  Someone will contact you with your return information, typically within a few business hours of the request submission.

Robyn Warner
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