Canon Offers New Cloud Printing Features

Canon Cloud Printing

Have you ever wished for an easier way to print photos from Facebook, Twitter, and other online services? Wish that you could integrate your smartphone or tablet with your printer for easier control? A few of Canon’s new services and mobile apps can help you find and print the images you want without the fuss!

PIXMA Printing Solutions App

Smartphone AppCanon’s most robust solution is the PIXMA Printing Solutions app for iOS and Android devices. This app can connect directly to services like Facebook, where you can select images you want to print and instantly send them along to a compatible printer, wirelessly!

With access to services like iCloud, Dropbox, and Evernote, you can also print documents, with a number of settings like page orientation and number of copies available from within the app. The Remote UI feature will also let you update the printer or monitor the levels of the Canon ink cartridges, from virtually anywhere in the house.

Need to scan a document? The app has a simple scanning feature, and documents appear right on your mobile device, ready to be stored in iCloud or on the device itself.

PIXMA Printing Solutions for Printers

Don’t have a compatible mobile device? You can still take advantage of the PIXMA Printing Solutions interface. Compatible printers like the Canon PIXMA MG7120 and MG5520 are web-connected, with an intuitive interface right on the LCD screen that operates much like the mobile apps. You can connect to the cloud right from the printer itself to access important photos and documents, or you can use the included Image Garden software to organize, edit, and print your photos.


Wireless PictBridge

Wireless PictBridgePictBridge has been around for years as a method for connecting a digital camera directly to a printer, and its USB connectivity makes it very convenient. Now, what if you didn’t even need the cable? Canon’s new PIXMA models support a Wireless PictBridge connection so that compatible cameras can connect through Wi-Fi to the printer. Once the connection is made, it is easy to select and print the photos you want, right on the camera. While this feature will only benefit users who have both a compatible camera and a compatible printer, ditching the cord is a very welcome improvement, and even more products will likely support Wireless PictBride in the future.


As storing photos and documents in the cloud becomes even more ubiquitous, finding and printing these files becomes even more of a challenge. With the help of these new technologies from Canon, it is easy to find and print those important photos. Convenient options like Wireless PictBridge also offer a new way to integrate your digital camera with your printer, while still maintaining a cord-free existence! Read more about other cloud printing services in our Mobile Printing article.

Have you tried the PIXMA Printing Solutions app or Wireless PictBridge? Are you looking forward to using them? Tell us about it in the comments.

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