Brother Toner too Small?

The reason people frequently ask about changing Brother toner cartridges is because this brand of printer is unique in the way it is set up inside. Standard laser printers have a panel to open that leads directly to the cartridge, which can simply be pulled out of the printer and a new cartridge can easily be installed. What makes Brother printers different is that the drum unit and the cartridge are together in one assembly rather than two separate units like in most laser printers.

For consumers who have owned HP or Lexmark printers in the past, it can be confusing at first glance of a Brother cartridge that snaps into the drum assembly rather than a slot in the machine. Once it is explained that the drum and cartridge fit together in the assembly, the replacement process is pretty easy. Use these simple steps to replace your Brother toner cartridge.

  1. Be sure the machine is completely off.
  2. The assembly has a handle that should be visible as soon as the front panel is opened, pull on it and the assembly should pull right out.
  3. Be sure to lay down something to protect the floor from potential toner leaking. Be careful to not touch the drum as it is sensitive.
  4. There will be a small lever that needs to be pushed to separate the cartridge from the drum.
  5. Put the new cartridge in the open slot, but be sure all shipping seals and packaging have been removed.
  6. The cartridge will snap into the assembly and the assembly will snap into the unit (be sure you listen for the ‘click').
  7. Close the panel and turn the machine on, it should automatically read the new cartridge and resume printing immediately.

If there is still some confusion as to the proper way to replace a Brother toner cartridge, watch the video below for a better understanding.