Brother iPrint&Scan

With the growth of mobile devices, people have been trying to find easy ways to print from the palm of their hand.  Well, Brother has made an application that can be downloaded for free and makes the process of printing your pictures, emails and documents simpler than ever.Brother iPrint&Scan

The iPrint&Scan application is easy to download and will automatically search for compatible Brother printers and all-in-one units within the local network once the app is fully installed.  This app is supported by Apple, Android and Microsoft phones and tablets.  Check here for a full list of all printer models that are compatible with the iPrint&Scan app.

Did you just take the best picture of your sister’s family while they are visiting and she asks you to send her a copy?  With the iPrint&Scan app, you can do better than that.  As long as you are within range of your local home network and have a printer model from the list of compatible machines, such as the Brother MFC-J280W, you can connect and instantly print the picture.  Don’t worry about quality, either, as this wireless printing will uphold the same quality standard as all photos and documents printed from Brother equipment.

Send mailAfter you give your sister the photo you just printed out, perhaps she wants to look at more pictures from when you were kids.  She finds the one from Halloween ‘89 and wants to send it to your other sister in Detroit.  Instead of making a copy and sending the picture snail mail, scan the image and load it straight to your phone with the iPrint&Scan application.  Now you can send it off instantly.

Other printer manufacturers have designed similar applications for mobile printing as it is estimated that people with this capability to print from their mobile device will print twice as much overall.  And in a world that is almost completely digital, every print helps keep the industry alive.


Robyn Warner
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