Boost Your Productivity

If you are reading this on a Monday coming off of a fabulous and long weekend, then taking a moment to consider office productivity may be the best way to ease back in to the work week gracefully.

Red Umbrella

Love Your Office

Take a moment to take in your surroundings. Are you looking at a lot of clutter? Do you see drab, dull walls, and are you straining your eyes to look around? All of these factors will hinder your productivity. A tidy workspace is proven to be less distracting and also help with organization. A touch of color can help boost your productivity too. Studies have shown that each color affects us differently with red influencing us to be more lively and friendly, blue stimulating clear thought, yellow lifting our spirits and self-esteem, and green having a calming effect. Add color to your office space where you can and watch how it affects those around you.

Good lighting in your office workspace makes a difference too. Natural lighting is best whenever that is possible. If the natural kind is not available to you, then opt for indirect lighting that bounces off walls or ceiling before it gets to you.


Use Technology

And use it wisely. Don’t let Facebook take up your day at the office, and don’t let e-mails take over all of your time. With phone alerts and Facebook updates, it’s tempting to check a new message or post immediately. This causes a lot of interruptions. Instead, set a time to check messages, and you will boost your productivity. Phone messages are different, however. Set out to act on them as soon as possible. By doing this, you will boost your sense of accomplishment throughout the day and keep from playing catch up all afternoon.

Business Walk

Get on Your Feet

Even though Mondays can make you feel like you are chained to your desk, you are not. Get up and walk around during breaks. Take your phone calls standing up to get blood flowing at frequent intervals throughout the day. Another suggestion to keep you active is to take your laptop to another work space such as a lounge or cafe. Sometimes a simple change of environment can get the creative juices flowing again and remove you from office distractions. Read more office productivity tips here.

Now get up, refill your cup of coffee or tea, and clean up the clutter. Here’s to a good week at the office!

Robyn Warner
Robyn Warner has been writing since she learned how to hold a pen. She wrote her first book of poems before the age of 10. Though creative writing is her preference, she is enjoying life in the technical blog world. Robyn’s goal in her 30s is to use her writing to inspire fellow cancer survivors and have a job that gives her the flexibility to live anywhere and never wear shoes.

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