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What Not To Do With Ink & Toner

Counterfeited USDWe posted this on Facebook yesterday and had to get it up on the blog. Via the New York Times:

A few counterfeit artists still engrave metal plates and search for soft paper that approximates the government’s proprietary blend. Others soak money in a chemical soup, rubbing off ink to create $100 bills out of fives.

But in more than two-thirds of all cases, criminals manipulate scanners, printers and toner ink to create money where once there was none.

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What 160,000 Pounds of Industrial Printer Ink Looks Like

Or, more accurately, what 160,000 pounds of industrial printer ink looks like on a 500-foot stretch of road outside Boston after being dumped from a tractor trailer and slightly enhanced with an iOS photo app for color brightness.

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It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Recycle ink cartridgesBut it ain’t all that hard either:

The push for greener initiatives in the workplace has certainly gained steam through the years.  Companies like Starbucks began offering two slots (one for compost and another for recycling) for customers to dispose of their latte and baguette wrapper.  Then there’s tennis shoe companies like Brooks unveiling fully biodegradable shoes (the BioMoGo), that once placed in a properly encapsulated landfill, will naturally degrade in 20 years, as opposed to the 1,000 years it takes for a traditional shoe.

Other major industries such as Dell have significantly reduced their carbon footprint with their products, by crafting laptops and desktops that use 25 percent less energy.  Truth is, whether it’s offering more eco-friendly products or charting a course for patrons and employees to recycle, the green awareness is there.

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Life Cycle of a Toner Cartridge

How do you get the most use out of your toner cartridge? How are they made, and what happens to them when they run out of toner? You use them every day for printing, but there’s a lot you may not know about these handy, important devices. In The Life Cycle of a Toner Cartridge infographic learn how toner cartridges are created and function, tips for getting the most value and quality from them, and how refurbishing them saves you money and helps the environment.

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Xerox Inventors Crank Out the Patents

Xerox logoAnd when we say “crank out” we mean, collectively between the 12 geniuses heralded in the Equities release, 1,550 patents. Yes. One thousand, five hundred and fifty patents from 12 guys or an average of 130 each. Have you produced 1,550 of anything?

But the cool thing is that a bunch of these patents involve ink in some ingenious way! And here we thought that everything that could be invented regarding ink has already been invented.

That’s why they’re inventors for Xerox.

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Instagram Backs Off Its Hours-Old Privacy Policy

instagram twitter facebook

The  release of Instagram’s new privacy policy today threw users into a veritable tizzy, with thousands of instagrammers taking to Twitter to voice their outrage.

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“The Missing Ink”

The Missing Ink by Philip HensherWe haven’t read the book yet, so this post is really a review of a book review, but the topic is intriguing and we wanted you to know about it:

Among the many things I learned from Philip Hensher’s lively new book, “The Missing Ink: The Lost Art of Handwriting,” is the extent to which the teaching of handwriting was intended to enhance moral development.

Nineteenth century America was dominated by copperplate, an ornate style – you can see it in the Coca-Cola logo – promoted with missionary zeal by Platt Rogers Spencer. More practical, business-friendly models eventually won out, but handwriting is still widely seen as an indicator of one’s character.

The reviewer, Gregory Leon Miller at the San Francisco Chronicle, begins by acknowledging that he “can’t write proper cursive” and that he’s “forgotten how several of the letters are meant to look.” We hadn’t thought about this before but…we have to acknowledge that we’re not 100% sure how they’re all supposed to look either.

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Make a Real Memory This Holiday!

Ink and paper DIY gift ideasOf the DIY variety, that is. We’re not going to pontificate on commercialism or anything like that, it’s not our style.

But we do want to introduce you to a few ideas we thought were pretty cool for making a new kind of memory this year. It requires a little bit of elbow grease and some thought…but that’s kind of how we think gift giving should be.

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Thinking of Stealing Ink and Toner?

behind barsYou’ll do 100 years in the clink…think again.

No, we’re not kidding:

A former mailroom worker at the Philadelphia Water Department is facing federal charges in what authorities call a million-dollar scam involving printer ink and toner cartridges.

Prosecutors said Wednesday that since 2006, 61-year-old Calvin Duncan used city funds to place more than $1.3 million in excess orders for ink and toner. Investigators said Duncan had the loot shipped to an Arkansas printer supply company that paid him $545,000.

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What’s New at Ink Technologies?

New at Ink TechnologiesWe’re so happy you asked! Let us tell you ’cause there’s a bunch!

1.  Expanded Same-Day Shipping! Ink Technologies has increased our cutoff time for same day shipping from 2:30PM to 3:30PM, EST.

We operate on the credo that we “Save You Money With Every Print.” This concept isn’t simply a tagline for us, it’s a way of life.

We are constantly looking for ways to increase value for our customers. Giving you an extra hour, every day, to get your products out the door the same day is just one of those ways.

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