Amazingly Easy Steps to Taking Better Pictures

You might not be the next Ansel Adams or Annie Liebovitz, but you have every right to be able to use that new camera you got for Christmas. It’s hard to keep up with all of the improved functions that seem to change daily, but there are certainly many tips and tricks you can use to help make your shots picture perfect. Here are surefire ways to improve your photography skills right away.

Photographer, know thy camera.

It can pay off big if you take the time to read through the manual that came with your camera. There are bound to be many particulars unique to the brand and model in your possession, and spending time getting to know them can make a big difference in your shots. Likewise, it can help you avoid future malfunction frustrations!

If you don’t already own a camera, here are the top 10 digital cameras, according to Consumer Review.

Set the mood.

Taking great pictures is not always as easy as shouting, “Smile!” It can make all the difference in the world if you take the time to consider things like background, foreground, and lighting. This site has advice for a variety of different shots, and if the subject is you, here are eight steps to help you take perfect selfies.

Consider the Principle of Parsimony.

KISS, better known as “keep it simple stupid,” can help make photography easy. Complicated devices are not necessarily the best. Similarly, trying to memorize many special functions can become tedious. It’s also likely to make you devote more time to figuring out your camera, and less time actually using it.

If you want to save time and energy, and simplify the entire process, here are 15 cheat sheets designed to make your life capturing memories much less complicated.

Now, all you need is someone who’s ready and willing to say, “Cheese!”

Greg Gladman
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