Amazing Art Made From Ink Cartridges

If you work in a busy office, there is a very good chance you have some empty ink cartridges piling up, waiting to be sent to a recycling facility. Well, a few creative individuals have found an even better use for their empty ink cartridges: making artwork! Whether you create a diorama with ink cartridges as the backdrop, or take a more functional approach and create a colorful lamp, you can use these ideas to inspire your own creations.


Sci-Fi Inspired Art

The award for geekiest ink cartridge artwork easily goes to Faith Pearson. She used a variety of different cartridges to capture some of her favorite sci-fi, superhero, and movie moments. Start with the U.S.S. Enterprise above, composed primarily of Canon ink cartridges for the saucer, with a few chunky HP cartridges for the hull. It’s enough to get any sci-fi fan’s green Vulcan blood pumping.

Another of our favorites is this moody diorama of King Kong on an Empire State Building of stacked ink cartridges. The smokey background really makes the scene, though we sort of wish Kong had a few ink cartridge planes to swat down. He looks a little lonely.

Lastly, this gathering of superheroes and villains appears to be attending a movie. Not only are the seats made from a variety of large HP ink cartridges, but the proscenium arch above the screen appears to be made from several slim cartridges as well. Can you spot the movie they are watching? Answer in the comments if you can name it.

Ink Cartridge Lamps

Of course, some artists take a more practical approach. Etsy user LowellAndLouise has taken several large Epson cartridges and turned them into a multi-colored hanging lamp. While the process of making them is a trade secret, you can order a custom lamp from the artist’s Etsy page. Don’t like the large lamp, the smaller version is perfect for a little colored mood lighting on a desk surface.


Although Ink Technologies offers its own cartridge recycling program, many “green” organizations advocate re-using materials over recycling, as it uses fewer resources. So, take these ideas and let them inspire some new ways to re-use your cartridges. You can save some cartridges from a landfill, have some fun, and make some interesting art all at the same time!

Steve Leigh
Steven Leigh has been enthusiastic about technology since he was very young, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with others, through his writing. He is also a composer, a musician, and a singer, experimenting with the blending of technology and music with his recording and performance projects. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf and running in 5K races and is currently training for his first 10K.

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