A Valentine’s Day to Remember: Paper Flowers

We’re taking a quick break from 3D printing, ink thieves and Petabytes to bring you a series on handcrafted, unique Valentine’s Day ideas that’ll make her (or his!) heart swoon. Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and we encourage you to dispense with the old standbys like chocolate and roses this year, and put together a gift from the heart and your own hands your significant other will never forget.

Our first lesson is how to make paper flowers! Now, if you have a 6-year old in the house with a basic proficiency in scissoring, you may want to enlist their help. As simple as this looks, there is a delicacy involved that requires a steady hand and some gentleness. We don’t know about you, but crafting with scissors and glue hasn’t been a weekly endeavor in quite some time.

But, the end result is completely worth it!

Paper Flowers


Inspired by the wonderful Wedding Chicks blog, you’ll be amazed at what these 17 seemingly simple little circles will look like when the procedure is done. Their post also notes that these paper flowers aren’t only great for Valentine’s Day, but also for weddings, showers or events of any kind:

Remember those adorable paper flowers from the Valentine’s Day Soiree? Well… we have the DIY on how to make them. Absolutely perfect for any soiree you might be planning, including your wedding.

You can really can do so many things with these paper flowers. You can make a flower wall backdrop for your candy table, corsages or boutonnieres for guests, the list is really endless.

For those of you who learn and craft in a more visual manner, we’ll share the “how-to” graphic from Wedding Chicks blog here:

Paper Flowers


We’ll highlight another DIY Valentine’s Day project here each day until the 14th. For a jump on what’s to come, check out our Crafty & Creative Valentine’s Day Guide! 

If you need to stock up on ink after printing out this project, visit the inkjet cartridges page of our website.

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