A Valentine’s Day to Remember: For Everybody!

RomanceForgive us for saying this but…why should the ladies have all the fun on Valentine’s Day? What about the guys and the kids? What about Fido and Puddles and Buttons and Professor ShinySides? They would be the dog, the cat, the other cat and the goldfish, in case the names didn’t give it away.

Well, Ink Technologies is here to see that on Valentine’s Day Eve, everybody’s taken care of! We did the paper flowers which, despite their relative degree of difficulty are simply gorgeous once completed. We did the framed photographs, which could work for everyone if approached appropriately. And we did the heart garland strand, which really isn’t gonna appeal to the guys unless there’s football tickets or bacon somehow involved…hmmmm.

Anyway, our “Crafty & Creative Valentine’s Day” guide has the rest of us covered.

For the Guys! Personal Gifts: (Inspired by The Lost Girls)

  • Cute bookmarks and wallet photo gifts (to remind him what he’s missing when he’s away from home) can be your little secret. Specialized card stock, photo papers, and pretty templates are what make these gifts something he’ll treasure for years to come. You might be surprised to find that your sweetie enjoys showing off your thoughtful gifts to friends and family!

Tell-the-World Gifts:

  • For guys less shy about visual displays of affection, luggage tags and personalized labels (“Property Of…”) let everyone know he’s got a loving gal at home. Remember, you don’t have to stick to traditional V-Day colors or themes – he might appreciate a comic book character (“You’re my hero!”) or a super car (“You rev my engine!”) more than Cupids and kittens.

An Artsy Love Collage: (Inspired by Better Homes & Gardens)

  • If you’re itching to break out your advanced artistic skills, print off some photos in sepia or black-and-white tones and put them in a photo tree with Valentine’s Day themed add-ons. Stick to masculine colors (blues, grays, greens) and themes that show your love in a way that feels just right for him.

For the tikes! butterfly-valentinePrinted Cards: (For help check out PerforatedPaper.com)

  • Your kids can have fun choosing pictures (favorite cartoon characters, animals, or photos) to print off on their cards, or get creative by making their own designs. Make the activity even more fun by having kids add additional colors and decorations with markers, stickers, and glitter.
  • You can use a layout template to arrange the images in an easy-to-print format, and then produce as many copies as you need on heavy cardstock. To make things even easier, buy perforated sheets that are specially designed for use in card printing – you can get them online or at your local print supply store.

Paper Candy Holders: (Inspired by Skip to my Lou)

  • A cut-out flower or butterfly doubles as a card and gift. It’s an easy Valentine craftidea to pull off. Start with a template that groups several versions of the desired shape on a page, then add a holidayspecific message (if there isn’t one there already). Print off the pages, cut where indicated, decorate as desired, and finish off with some tempting treats!

For the Dog! We’re sure they make Valentine’s Day Snausages 😉 Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody! Ink Technologies

Robyn Warner
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