7 Great Gifts for the Tech Geek in Your Life

Han Solo TrayChances are, you have at least one tech geek on your holiday shopping list this season. If not, who do you get to fix your computer? The trouble is that most tech geeks already have the coolest toys, so how do you surprise them with something fun and unique? We’ve rounded up 7 gifts that are sure to put a smile on the face of any sci-fi-loving, video game-obsessed technology geek, and many of them can improve productivity and organization in the process.


Han Solo Carbonite Ice Cube Tray

Star Wars fans will go absolutely crazy over these Han Solo ice cube trays, based on one of the most iconic images of the series. The set is very affordable, and includes one large Han Solo and 6 small ones, to liven up any party. Best of all, you can even use it as a chocolate mold! Never has the “scruffy lookin’ nerf herder” tasted this good.


Tetris LampTetris Desk Lamp Set

Your favorite geek can light up his or her desk with this unique Tetris desk lamp set. The individual blocks can be stacked in multiple different ways, just like those Tetris blocks we all know and love from the classic video game. The lights even turn off when disassembled, encouraging everyone to find new ways of stacking to keep things illuminated.




Weekly Calendar Stick-UpStick-Up Weekly Calendar

If the geek on your list likes to stay organized, this stick-up calendar can help him plan for the week in advance. With each day included in its own section, it’s easy to make a quick outline of the week’s activities and stick it to the wall or a computer monitor. Sure, geeks love their digital calendars, but sometimes nothing beats a simple pen and paper solution.




Who says geeky gifts can’t be practical? This 4-port USB hub is in the shape of the classic TARDIS from the Doctor Who TV series. With 4 available ports, it can help wrangle several devices in a central location without having to reach behind a desk. The hub works with both PCs and Macs, and it includes lights and time-traveling sound effects when a USB device is plugged into a port. Working in a quiet office environment? The sounds and lights can be disabled with an On/Off switch.





Hi-Call GlovesHi-Call Gloves

These unique Hi-Call gloves give new meaning to the phrase “Talk to the hand”. They are equipped with Bluetooth to connect to a phone in your pocket. Place your thumb to your ear and your pinky to your mouth in the “fake phone” position, and the glove takes care of the rest. We can’t guarantee you won’t get some strange looks, however. The gloves are also capacitive-touch enabled, so they work with touchscreen phones without taking them off in the cold. This will enable any geek to stay productive even while on-the-go, without having to worry about frostbite!



CableDrop ClipsCableDrop Cable Management System

It’s no surprise that geeks love their gadgets, and more gadgets means more cables! These simple, stick-on CableDrop clips from BlueLounge can keep cables organized and out of the way. It is very easy to snap cables in and out to reconfigure them as often as needed. It may not be the sexiest gift on the list, but chances are your gadget-happy geek will love them.




Doxie GoDoxie Go Portable Scanner

The Doxie Go Portable Scanner offers an easy, portable way to go paperless. It’s a great way to manage paper receipts, documents, handwritten notes, and other bits of paper that might otherwise get lost. It runs on battery power, and can even connect directly to a smartphone or tablet for a completely portable solution. Finally, a way to dump the shoebox of receipts and get things organized!



Whether the tech geek in your life is a fun-loving Star Wars fan or a productivity and organization nerd, this list gives you a great place to start. These gifts will not only add some fun to the workplace, but they can help someone be more organized and productive throughout the day. Show the geek in your life some love this holiday season, and don’t forget to include a thank you note for cleaning that virus off your computer!

Steve Leigh
Steven Leigh has been enthusiastic about technology since he was very young, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with others, through his writing. He is also a composer, a musician, and a singer, experimenting with the blending of technology and music with his recording and performance projects. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf and running in 5K races and is currently training for his first 10K.

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