5 Easy Steps to a Spooky DIY Halloween Party

It’s less than two weeks until Halloween. Here are five easy steps to get ready for that party:

1. Pick a Theme

Nothing is more magical than All Hallows Eve, the night when kids and adults alike transform themselves into magical creatures. Of course, magic reminds us of wizard school, which means we love this idea of a Harry Potter Halloween party. Here are 100 Harry Potter Halloween party ideas from House of Paint.

2. Invite Your Victims

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to lure people to your home to celebrate. For the ideal invite idea, we turn to Pinterest, which has thousands of options. We love this monster invitation by HelloLucky.com.

3. Decorate your Haunted House

Making Halloween crafts is tons of fun, enables you to use supplies you already have around the house, and keeps you from having to pay for overpriced decorations at those cheesy seasonal stores. Check out our Halloween DIY Craft Ideas Pinterest page for instructions on how to make tons of creepy crafts, including the paper mache skull you see above. 

4. Label your Poisons

Nothing delights your undead guests more than details. These bottle labels are a fun way to dress up your liquor and entice guests to experiment with making their own drinks.

5. Bait your Trap

Making food for a party is the most fun part of getting ready, especially when your goal is to make the food look disgusting. We love these 27 Halloween Party Food Ideas from BuzzFeed.

We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween. Please share your ideas and pictures with us!

Robyn Warner
Robyn Warner has been writing since she learned how to hold a pen. She wrote her first book of poems before the age of 10. Though creative writing is her preference, she is enjoying life in the technical blog world. Robyn’s goal in her 30s is to use her writing to inspire fellow cancer survivors and have a job that gives her the flexibility to live anywhere and never wear shoes.

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