4 Things You Can Print to Save Time and Money

Things to PrintWhen you need items like rulers, Sudoku puzzles, and even simple items like calendars, you are probably inclined to buy them at a store. What you may not realize, however, is that you can print many of these items right at home, and save yourself money in the process! This is especially true for items you use infrequently, as it is quicker and less expensive to simply print one off than to run all the way to a store. Here are several items you may not have thought about printing yourself.




This is one of the best tips we’ve seen for apartment dwellers. Sure, you could buy a small ruler for a few dollars, but if you don’t use one very often, why take up the extra space? Visit the Vendian site for several printable ruler templates. They have several different sizes and configurations, in both imperial and metric. As noted on the site, make sure you disable the “shrink to fit” or zoom settings on your printer to ensure that they print accurately. Then, you can simply print your ruler, trim it with scissors, and measure your heart out.


SudokuPuzzles and Games

Most of us carry around several puzzle games on our smartphones, but there are times when paper and pencil are preferred. Instead of buying a book of puzzles, you can simply print them out yourself. Visit WebSudoku to print out Sudoku puzzles, for example, and you can choose the difficulty level and size before printing. If you like crosswords, browse the large collection of free printable crossword puzzles at MirrorEyes. Prefer physical games, but maybe you’re snowed in for the winter? You can even print yourself a Scrabble set or dice.




As with puzzles, many people have one or more mapping apps available on their phone, many with guided voice directions. Still, there may be times where a physical map is preferred, when hiking, bicycling, or running. Major map sites like Mapquest and Google Maps offer print options, and as an added bonus, you can store your map in a clear freezer bag to keep it waterproof in the rain!



CalendarDo you find yourself buying wall and desk calendars often? Instead of spending the extra money on a calendar with generic photos, why not customize your own calendar with a favorite family or pet photo instead? Head over to Calendars That Work and customize a monthly calendar with whatever image strikes your fancy. Best of all, you can open the calendar in Microsoft Word for easy editing. Simply add your photo and print! These custom calendars could even make a good Christmas gift.


While a few of these ideas might seem a bit silly at first, consider the cost of gas and time that it would take to run to a store for the same item. Inkjet printers are sitting idle in most households, just waiting to be of use. Save yourself some time and money the next time you need these items, and you may find the printable version sufficient for your needs!

Steve Leigh
Steven Leigh has been enthusiastic about technology since he was very young, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with others, through his writing. He is also a composer, a musician, and a singer, experimenting with the blending of technology and music with his recording and performance projects. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf and running in 5K races and is currently training for his first 10K.

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