3D Printing Christmas Dinner

We’ve heard about a lot of wild applications for 3D printing lately, including bones, guitars, and even cars. But our favorite use for 3D printers has to be making dinner. These futuristic machines are cranking out everything from main courses to veggies and dessert, all while using household ingredients.

Here’s what your holiday meal might look like next year:


Natural Machines Foodini 3D Printing Pizza
Still of video from Natural Machines

No more rolling out dough! The Foodini boasts an even layer of crust and sauce.


Google Chef Bernard Faucher
Google Chef Bernard Bernard Faucher via WebProNews

Google has a 3D pasta printer that enables chef Bernard Faucher to create food with “a very distinct and customisable shape.” Whose turn is it to design dinner tonight?


Cow Happy for 3D Printed Meat
Happy cow via BBC News

In the Netherlands, Dr. Post of Modern Meadow has assembled a five ounce burger from tiny bits of beef muscle tissue grown in a laboratory. We’re not sure it will be tasty, but it could solve some world hunger issues.

Chocolate Sculptures

Android KitKat Chocnology Chocolate Shark Sculpture
An amazing original sculpture via The Inspiration Room

Android paired up with Nestle and South African artists to create chocolate masterpieces and promote their new operating system. Maybe an edible family holiday portrait is in order?

Coffee… with your Face on It

Taiwanese Coffee Printer
Latte art image via Bit Rebels

What better to go with your dessert than a sip of your favorite photo? This chain of Taiwanese vending kiosks can recreate almost any image in cocoa or coffee powder. Too bad they’re currently only available in Taiwan!


Let us know what other kinds of edible treats or fancy 3-course meals you’d like to see 3D printed in the comments section below.

Greg Gladman
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