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It’s that time of year when pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, and monsters are not only welcome but celebrated. Chances are pretty good that witches, graveyards, and fake spider webs have begun to make their annual appearance in your neighborhood; that grocery-store aisles have started to display candy; and that pumpkin-flavored everything abounds. If you’re getting into the Halloween spirit, why not stir up a few ghouls, goblins, and other decorations using 3D-printing?

Everyday Objects for the Home

It’s scary how many 3D-printed objects you can find. There are Batman-inspired clothes pegs to hold up your drying sheets on the line. There are ghost magnets you can print, with glow-in-the-dark filaments for added spookiness. You can even get yourself a set of 3D-printed salt and pepper shakers that look like dancing ghosts.

dancing-ghost shakers

dancing-ghost shakers

Take it Outside

Once you’ve tackled the inside of your house, it’ll be time to move outdoors. The world of 3D-printing didn’t forget to create cool outside props capable of turning heads.  You can find a variety of skulls to cause a few screams, or create replicas of monsters like Frankenstein . If all else fails, a wall of bats is sure to spook ’em.



Don’t Forget Your Pets

If, as seems likely, you’re already thinking about what you will or will not be for Halloween, don’t leave your furry friends out of your deliberations. Consider a name tag with a glow-in-the-dark filament, for example. You can call your pooch “Killer” for the night. Let visitors think your cat has gone “Pet Semetery,” by throwing a few 3D-printed rats around the porch. If you don’t have a real pet to dress up, don’t worry. You can always tack one up on the front door, like this 3D-printed specimen from the cat family. You can almost hear it hissing.

3D-printed fanged lion

3D-printed fanged lion

Now you should be all set to utilize 3D-printed accessories to put a little Halloween surprise into the lives of your friends and family. With any luck, they’ll remember how spooktacular your house was this Halloween!

Robyn Warner

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