3 Fun Independence Day Projects To Kick Off The 4th of July

Deck out your home in red, white and blue with these Independence Day projects.

Happy 4th of July!! Today is a very important day for people all across the United States. Not only is it one of the few days of summer where we get to ditch work, throw a backyard barbecue with our friends and family, and kick back and watch some fireworks, but it is also Independence Day!

4th of July marks the important date when our wonderful country, the United States of America, became free and independent! While they may not have had all of the festivities and delicious barbecues that we have today to celebrate this national holiday, you can bet that there was definitely celebrating all throughout the streets of America that day.

To help your family keep the celebration going all the way here in 2013, we have put together some of our favorite Independence Day craft activities that will help you kick the day off right and get your home decorated for your 4th of July festivities. All you need in order to create these crafts at home is a quality printer, some colored ink cartridges and a whole lot of patriotism! Here are three fun printer activities that will help you celebrate Independence Day:

Print Out America-Themed Coloring Pages

If you are throwing a backyard BBQ for your friends and family to celebrate the holiday, and are looking for a fun way to entertain the kids, why not print out some America-themed coloring pages? Many websites offer free print-out coloring pages with patriotic images such as the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, a map of America, and more. Print out a few of these pages on your printer then pull up a small craft table in your backyard with some crayons for all of the kids! Once they have finished their drawings, you can even hang them up all over your home for some festive decorations.

Document The Day For Your Scrapbook

If you are someone who enjoys scrapbooking, make sure you have your camera on the ready all day for the many picture-worthy 4th of July activities that will be happening! For instance, kids playing at the lake, the Independence Day parade that runs throughout your local town, your family getting ready for the firework display and more. Also be sure to save any important mementos (an American flag ribbon or your ticket stub for the fireworks) so that you can include them in your scrapbook page. Many websites also released special 4th of July-themed scrapbook templates this week that you can print at home, so you will have everything you need to document this wonderful day!

Decorate Your Vehicle For A Parade

One of the best parts of the 4th of July holiday is all of the wonderful, festive parades that happen throughout the long weekend. Whether you are participating with an Independence Day float in your town parade, in a decorated pull wagon through your campground, or in your floating pontoon float along the lake, make sure that you are printing out fun red, white and blue decorations so that your vehicle gets noticed! Our Ink Technologies Pinterest page has tons of wonderful posts which include free printable decorations that will make you the hit at any parade.

What will your family be doing to celebrate the 4th of July? Be sure to leave your favorite Independence Day activities and plans in the comments below. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend from everyone here at Ink Technologies.

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