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What’s on the 3D Printing Horizon

The ability to print in 3D is constantly growing to include new materials and unbelievable feats. Here are a few new horizons that are opening up in 3D printing. Continue reading “What’s on the 3D Printing Horizon” »

Office Hacks with a Sense of Humor and Style

Life can get complicated at times. We’ve found a few tricks to make it simpler, or at least to make you smile. After all, what will help lighten your load like a good laugh? Whether you already have a reputation for making people smile, or you’re just trying to get through the work day with sanity and style, check out what we’ve found.

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Technology News Round-Up: Microsoft Mods and iPad Printing, Snapchat, and NASA

To print or not to print – some of the newest technology allows you to ponder that question even on the go with wireless iPad printing. Other technology from Snapchat won’t even leave an electronic trail, much less a paper one. Finally, when NASA comes out with something new, you know it’s worth checking out, right? We’ve gathered a few articles that will fill you in on all of this and a bit more.

We just printed all of this

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Labels, Labels, and More DIY Labels!

They just make everything easier. Are you going into business? Getting crafty? Feeling generous? Filling your pantry? Filling your wine cellar? Trying to be better organized? Or simply laying claim to your own stuff? A sharpie and a piece of tape works, but we’ve found some suggestions that are just as easy and much more classy. Take a look at these DIY printable labels.

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Fun, Functional, and Personal Touches to Office Design

Is your office a place where you feel comfortable? Does it reflect your creativity and streamline your productivity at the same time? We’ve gathered a few ideas to help your workspace meet these criteria.

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