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Epson Adds Easy Printing for the Kindle Fire and Chromebook

Kindle Printing


As mobile devices become an integral part of our lives, companies like Epson continue to find new ways to integrate with these devices. Standards like AirPrint cover some of the most popular smartphones and tablets. Epson seems to have found a niche, however, by supporting smaller devices like the Kindle Fire and the Chromebook with easy printing solutions. This will make their products that much more appealing to owners of devices like Kindle Fire tablets and Chromebooks.

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You Can’t Kill Off an Entire Forest

Since our society is increasingly finding ways to be sustainable, the moment we waste, we worry. Wasteful worry happens with the simplest of daily activities. Teachers, students, and business associates alike spend a good portion of time at the printer. The moment the printer begins, we wait for someone to comment. As soon as we print out more sheets of paper than we are comfortable with, we feel the need to placate the situation. A typical phrase is, “I didn’t mean to kill off an entire forest!”

A Forest of Paper

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The Currency Printing Process [Infographic]

The Currency Printing Process Lead In

Printing U.S. currency is an interesting process. Every part of a single bill is made up of specific inks, paper, and symbols that give it a beautiful and intricate look. This level of detail also makes it difficult to counterfeit. Learn more about the money printing process and how it began by viewing the following infographic.

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3D Printing Christmas Dinner

We’ve heard about a lot of wild applications for 3D printing lately, including bones, guitars, and even cars. But our favorite use for 3D printers has to be making dinner. These futuristic machines are cranking out everything from main courses to veggies and dessert, all while using household ingredients.

Here’s what your holiday meal might look like next year:


Natural Machines Foodini 3D Printing Pizza
Still of video from Natural Machines

No more rolling out dough! The Foodini boasts an even layer of crust and sauce.

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Affordable Canon Laser Printing for Under $100

Canon has been very busy in the past year, releasing affordable new laser printers and expanding their AirPrint lineup. They have also launched a new website just for the crafty crowd. Here, we round up some of the most exciting things to come out of Canon in the past several months.

Canon imageCLASS LBP6000

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7 Great Gifts for the Tech Geek in Your Life

Han Solo TrayChances are, you have at least one tech geek on your holiday shopping list this season. If not, who do you get to fix your computer? The trouble is that most tech geeks already have the coolest toys, so how do you surprise them with something fun and unique? We’ve rounded up 7 gifts that are sure to put a smile on the face of any sci-fi-loving, video game-obsessed technology geek, and many of them can improve productivity and organization in the process.

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