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4 Things You Can Print to Save Time and Money

Things to PrintWhen you need items like rulers, Sudoku puzzles, and even simple items like calendars, you are probably inclined to buy them at a store. What you may not realize, however, is that you can print many of these items right at home, and save yourself money in the process! This is especially true for items you use infrequently, as it is quicker and less expensive to simply print one off than to run all the way to a store. Here are several items you may not have thought about printing yourself. Continue reading “4 Things You Can Print to Save Time and Money” »

3D Printing a Room: The “Digital Grotesque” Project

Digital GrotesqueNew 3D printing projects are cropping up online every day, from printing 3D cars to 3D printing prosthetics. So far, though, this is the first attempt at 3D printing an entire room, and the results are amazing! The project, titled “Digital Grotesque“, was designed to be a 172 square foot room that can surround viewers in its detail, and it was all created through 3D printing. Continue reading “3D Printing a Room: The “Digital Grotesque” Project” »

The Chemistry of Color

Chemistry of ColorHave you ever wondered where color comes from? In items like cosmetics, textiles, paints and medicine, there is a complex chemistry that makes up the colorants we use in almost everything. From the consistency of printing ink to dyes derived from natural resources, tap into your inner scientist and learn just how the colorful world around us is made possible. Continue reading “The Chemistry of Color” »

HP Expands its Wireless Printing Features

HP AppsHP was one of the first companies to offer remote printing for home and small-office printers, with its ePrint technology. Now, the company continues this trend with an Android app, a new wireless direct feature, and the HP Printables feature for scheduling your favorite photos, articles, and more to print automatically. New models in the ENVY line combine this connectivity with excellent output quality as an easy web-connected solution for home users. Continue reading “HP Expands its Wireless Printing Features” »

How To Install Ink Cartridges

Installing CartridgesYou’ve ordered new ink cartridges for your printer, brought them home, taken them out of the box, and now…how in the world do you install them? The tricky thing about replacing ink cartridges is that the process is a little different for each model, and from one manufacturer to the next. We will give you some general guidelines to get you started, and some links for more specific information for your printer. Continue reading “How To Install Ink Cartridges” »

An Interview with Corrie White, Liquid Drop Artist


Symmetry – By Corrie White

Photographer Corrie White creates images that range from beautiful and delicate to down-right alien, all with the use of liquids, dyes, and impeccable timing. While some of her images use dyed liquids of different viscosities, some of the most interesting come from a perfectly timed and captured splash. I got the chance to interview Corrie White about her process, her ebook, and her motivation to start liquid drop photography. Continue reading “An Interview with Corrie White, Liquid Drop Artist” »

What is Inkless Printing?

Smart App PrintersIf you’ve owned at least one inkjet printer before, you’ve probably been stung by high ink prices, and wished for an alternative. A few manufacturers are now offering “inkless” printers, that don’t require any ink, yet still produce pretty good images and text. A printer that requires no ink would seem to be the answer to everyone’s prayers, but are there downsides to inkless printing? Continue reading “What is Inkless Printing?” »

Brother’s New Lineup Features NFC and Portable Printing

Brother NFC

NFC (Near-Field Communication) is a buzzword in the technology industry these days, but few manufacturers have really cracked the code of making it useful. Brother is taking their first shot at implementing NFC in printer models, and reviews are very positive. The company has also updated their lineup of portable printers, and included options for smartphone and tablet integration that should make them even easier to use when out and about. Continue reading “Brother’s New Lineup Features NFC and Portable Printing” »

How To Clean Printer Ink Off Your Hands and Skin

Ink on HandsReplacing ink cartridges is usually a pretty simple and clean process, but once in a great while, disaster happens! You remove the old cartridge and printer ink leaks onto your hands, your skin, and possibly everything else in the room. Cleaning printer ink off your hands and skin can be particularly tough, so we’ve gathered a number of different methods you can try. Start with the simple methods, then move onto the advanced methods if the stain is particularly stubborn.

Continue reading “How To Clean Printer Ink Off Your Hands and Skin” »