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Easter Crafts! Bunny Garland is the Best

Why is garland just for Christmas or Valentine’s Day? We say forget that! Here’s a quick and easy project to decorate your home for Easter from Martha Stewart:

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Easter Crafts! Lightbulb Lambs.

We love Better Homes & Gardens and we loved their ideas for Valentine’s Day.

So let’s return to the source with some terrific BH&G ideas for Easter!

The first doubles as one of the most adorable crafts you’ll ever see and a conservation/recycling effort!

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Is There Anything 3D Printing Can’t Do?

We’re actually beginning to realize that the answer to that question might be a resounding “No!”

Take the three minutes to watch this video from Climate Desk, which envisions 3D Printing alleviating any ill effects from climate change, rapidly deploying technology and supplies to soldiers on a battlefield and keeping supply chains up and running in the wake of natural disasters:

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Quality Process for Toner Cartridge Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing of toner cartridges is a specialized process that requires many steps in order to achieve “original OEM” quality standards.   Unlike the “drill and fill” methods used by many manufacturers, top tier resellers like Ink Technologies source cartridges only from manufacturers that use the most rigorous quality standards.   Here is an overview of a high quality toner cartridge remanufacturing process:

Toner Cartridge Inspection

1. Sorting and Grading

All incoming toner cartridge empties are strictly inspected and sorted according to model, color and quality level before delivery to the production line. Only premium empty cartridges are used, to ensure optimal quality.
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3D Printing in Jeopardy?

Fuji 3D Printer KioskNot really, and we agree with Fabbaloo’s conclusion, but as we’ve noted before there will be legal issues and fighting amongst makers, users, designers and printers. That much is a guarantee.
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The Wall Street Journal and Mainstreaming 3D Printing

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Tips for Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

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It’s as good a time as any to go Green!

It’s hard to come up with a “new” list of tips for making your home and office more environmentally friendly; most tips are and have been posted thousands of times.

But we suppose the value comes in simply repeating the mantra as often as possible, to yourself and your colleagues in the hopes that eventually, the suggestions will sink in and the routine will begin.
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Will 3D Printing Fuel Art and Jewelry Forgery?

A 3D printed bracelet

A 3D printed bracelet by Alissia Melka-Teichroew. Available at Freedom of Creation. Click the image for more.

Or perhaps the better question…will the sun rise tomorrow?

So that’s the question Mashable asks today, a bit more benign than the last question we asked regarding 3D printing, but also a much easier answer.
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3D Printing: How Does it Work?

Imagine being able to create any object; any shape or idea you can think of. Now, imagine being able to instantly print these things on the spot. Luckily, this instant gratification is within reach. 3D printing has emerged over the last two decades, continues to evolve and is ultimately shaping our future in technology. How does this process work and why is it used? In our “3D Printing: How Does it Work?” infographic, explore this revolutionary printing process, its uses in everyday life and what to expect in the future. Continue reading “3D Printing: How Does it Work?” »

3D Printing Human Beings: A New Cloning Debate?

Seriously. In less than two months we’ve gone from simply introducing the Objet/Stratasys merger, to 3D prosthetic limb devices, to printing real body parts.

The question we were literally forced to ask on Facebook is…is there anything stopping us from 3D printing a real, live human being? It’s an honest question. After the real body part story, Fox News reported that researchers had developed a 3D printed skull, which has “helped replace 75 percent of a patient’s skull with the approval of U.S. regulators.”

3D-printed skull

3D-printed skull implant ready for operation. Image: Fox News

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