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Top 4 Xerox Printer Problems

Xerox Printer LogoXerox, like any other manufacturer, cannot ensure that all machines are going to last a certain time, perform at a guaranteed speed, or promise zero mechanical issues.  The bottom line is these machines are made up of hundreds of components, many of them moving.  Parts get dirty and worn down, or become misaligned, causing a number of problems.  Many issues will require a repair by a professional, but not all.  Here is a list of the most common problems and/or questions as well as potential do-it-yourself troubleshooting techniques. Continue reading “Top 4 Xerox Printer Problems” »

Scanning Resolution

ScannerA standard (or optical) resolution of a scanner is determined by how many sensors are located in each row and how many small, fine pixels are used to create the larger image. This determines the level of detail of an image that will be picked up by the scanner, thus affecting the clarity of the image being scanned.  The overall quality of the optics used to make the lenses and the strength of the light source will also impact the clarity and sharpness of the image.  So, when you are purchasing a scanner, be sure to note optical resolution rather than interpolated resolution.  Understanding the color and bit depth is also important. Continue reading “Scanning Resolution” »

Unclog Inkjet Nozzles without Wasting Ink

CMYKInkjet printers work via a series of small nozzles located on the printheads that eject miniature droplets of ink on the paper to create an image or text.  When one or multiple nozzles become clogged with dried ink, an automatic cleaning utility should be available for you to run.  This cleaning system will use bursts of ink to clear the nozzles.  Though this can solve the problem at hand, it ultimately leads to another – wasted ink. Continue reading “Unclog Inkjet Nozzles without Wasting Ink” »

Sharing a Printer between a PC and Mac

Mac and PCThese days, most homes have more than one computer.  Maybe the kids have their own laptops or perhaps there are two offices with desktop computers in them.  So, what do you do if one person uses the desktop PC with a Windows operating system while another person in the house just bought a Mac laptop?  Can computers with different operating systems use the same printer on a network at the same time? Continue reading “Sharing a Printer between a PC and Mac” »

Cleaning a Printer Drum

A printer drum, also referred to as an imaging drum and a photoconductor, is an essential component of a laser printer as it serves as the catalyst for creating text and images.  The drum hosts a positive charge and the text or image is written on it with a negatively charged laser.  The positive charge of the toner is attracted to that negative charge and clings to the drum.  That toner is then applied to the paper and fused into the paper’s fibers with a heated fuser.

Printer DrumAs you can imagine, the drum does take a beating and will inevitably need to be replaced.  However, if you start to notice quality issues such as blotchiness and streaking, you may want to consider cleaning the drum before purchasing a new one.  Keep in mind, the surface of these drums are extremely sensitive and you should only attempt to clean it if you are willing to risk damaging it further. Continue reading “Cleaning a Printer Drum” »

Lost Your Printer Manual?

Lose Something?Whether it is thrown away with the packing material or lost in translation along the way, so often the essential user’s manual for your printer is nowhere to be found.   It can be extremely frustrating not to have your printer’s manual when you need it, but don’t worry, you are not out of options. Continue reading “Lost Your Printer Manual?” »

5 Common Samsung Printer Problems

Samsung has gained respect for making a number of top-of-the-line electronics, ranging from televisions and cell phones to office equipment.  Samsung printers are widely known for being affordable and reliable, however, as with any device that is made up of multiple small components working in unison, issues may arise. Continue reading “5 Common Samsung Printer Problems” »

Printing Blank Pages

Printing blank pagesPrinters can sometimes encounter a lot of different problems that can be difficult to troubleshoot. One of the more annoying symptoms that may crop up is that a printer starts printing blank pages instead of the output you are expecting. Continue reading “Printing Blank Pages” »