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Xerox Phaser Ink | Solid Ink Sticks

Xerox ink cartridges for all models are available here at Ink Technologies. We have a large stock of Xerox ink sticks, ready to ship out immediately. And everything we sell is backed by the best warrantee in the business - simply use the search tool below to get started.

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Xerox Phaser Ink | Solid Ink Sticks
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Xerox Phaser Ink | Solid Ink Sticks

The phrase "Xerox inkjet cartridge" was unheard of just a few years ago, as the company did not officially offer an inkjet printer until 2011 (although other "ink" models existed before that.) One of the reasons for being late to the party is Xerox chose to go another way in terms of printers.

We mentioned above that Xerox ink cartridge is a somewhat unheard of phrase, and that's because Xerox uses what it calls "waterless" ink – in other words, the company instead utilizes "Xerox ink sticks" to produce their ink images (think the consistency of a crayon and you'd be pretty close.) These are available in black, cyan (blue), magenta (red), and yellow. Like all other inkjet printers, Xerox printer ink mixes these colors to produce all others. They invented this technology in 1986, and first introduced it to market in 1991.

The big advantage of utilizing ink sticks is the fact that printing speed is much faster, and Xerox also claims a better image. For their entry-level model, we're looking at 12ppm (pages per minute) on color, which is pretty speedy. Xerox solid ink also maintains a more consistent quality across different kinds of paper, even recycled.

Xerox calls much of their printer line "phaser" (an ode to Star Trek, perhaps). Thus, one searching for Xerox ink cartridges might use the phrases "Phaser ink cartridges" or even "phaser ink sticks". Either way, each should lead you to the Xerox printer ink you require (at least if you use our search tool above it will.) Many of the Xerox solid ink models also have compatible ink sticks available for them, as well as OEM Xerox inkjet cartridges (people still call them that as well.) The advantage of compatible ink is it's a lot more cost-effective, and we guarantee ours to work.

Ink Technologies is your one-stop-shop for all of your Xerox ink needs. Whether you need OEM Phaser ink sticks or a generic bought at a discount, we have a huge stock, fast shipping, and the best guarantee in the business. Oh, and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating as well, so you can buy with complete confidence. Just use the search tool above to get started.

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