Enabling Print Queue Status in Networks

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Are you unable to view the status of the jobs in your network print queue?

We all know that the computer must communicate with the printer in order for data to successfully be transferred and documents to be printed.  However, bidirectional support allows the printer to communicate back to the computer as well, delivering essential information such as the print queue status and ink or toner levels.

Most current machines enable this bidirectional communication automatically.  When the printer is not communicating back to the computer properly, users are not able to monitor print queue status and other important information.  The problem usually lies in the printer driver software.  The easiest solution is to reinstall or update the printer drivers.

Follow the steps below to reinstall or update the printer drivers:

  1. In the Start Menu, type “printer” into the search box and hit Enter.
  2. Right click on the icon displayed for your printer and select Delete.
  3. Right click in the window (any empty space) and choose Run as Administrator.
  4. Select Server Properties.
  5. On the Drivers tab, remove your printer and select the option to Remove Driver and Driver Package.

  6. In the Start Menu, put “APPWIZ.CPL” into the search box then press enter.  (At this step, be sure all printer software is removed from the printer).
  7. Go to the printer manufacturer website and locate the section designated for downloading drivers.  (Typically in the Support section).  You can also enter your model number in the search box.
  8. Select the driver for your printer, which will launch the Setup Wizard.  Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.

Once you have downloaded the most current printer driver, your computer and printer should have dual open lines of communication that will provide printer queue status information.

Older Models

For older models, this capability may need to be switched on manually by checking the Enable bidirectional support box.

  1. Go to the Start Menu
  2. Click Devices and Printers (or Printers and Faxes)
  3. Choose your printer by double-clicking its icon
  4. Select the option to customize the printer
  5. Go to the Ports tab where you will see a window similar to the screen below.  Click the check box next to Enable bidirectional support (circled in red).

Enable Bidirectional Support


This box may be grayed out or unavailable, in which case your printer may not support bidirectional communication.  Contact your printer manufacturer directly for additional support.






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