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Mother’s Day Printable Crafts

It’s already almost May, and that means Mother’s Day is coming soon. Whether you like to plan well in advance or do something for your mom at the last minute, we’ve found a few ways to celebrate, thank and honor your mother, grandmother, or special lady in your life. Take a minute to get inspired and start creating the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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Office Hacks Keep Stress Levels Down

Little frustrations can add up and increase stress levels in the workplace. Let’s be honest, we could all use a little less stress. Here are a few clever ideas we’ve gathered to streamline your productivity and cut out a few of your daily vexations.

Cut Out Cord Confusion

Locating the right charger for just one of multiple mobile devices can take time. Label and attach sticky tabs on the ends of cords, and you’ve got a quick way to find the cord you need to charge the device in hand.

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Ideas for 3D Printing Food, Accessories, and Playtime

In the brave, new world of 3D printing, it is still fascinating to see what can be printed from your computer screen. Creations that take shape in your mind, then translate to your computer screen, can now print in the same world that you dreamed them in. Is your curiosity piqued? Check out some of these ideas we’ve collected.
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Technology News Round-Up – PCs, Printers, and Lexmark Legal Battle

Laptop Keyboard

What’s going on in the world of your mobile devices? Will printing from your smartphone or tablet become easier even when away from home or office? Here are a few articles on the future of technology, from desktop computers to hand held devices and legal battles that keep printer companies honest.

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