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Top 5 Mobile Photo Editing Apps

iPhoto Interface
It wasn’t that long ago that most users would turn to Photoshop on a desktop computer for even the most minor tweaks. Today, most of us carry a fantastic photo editing tool right in our pocket. Whether you prefer the Android or iOS platforms, or you like to edit on a smartphone or a tablet, these Top 5 mobile photo apps can help you enhance your photos, add some humor, and yes, you can even put your head on a dog’s body, if that’s what you’re looking for. We won’t judge.

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Print-On-Demand Services Revolutionize Self-Publishing

Boat on a BookEvery day, hundreds of new ebooks show up on Amazon and other sites from self-published authors, but many consumers still prefer to read physical books. A few print-on-demand services are stepping in to fill the gap, however, giving aspiring authors a way to get their books into the hands of readers, without the high volume or high price most large publishers require.
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What’s New at HP?

HP Logo

There are some exciting things happening at HP lately, from breaking a Guinness World Record for speed to new technologies that make sharing photos a captivating experience. Here are a few of the highlights.
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5 Ways to Save Time in Photoshop

Photoshop Time

Adobe Photoshop is an incredible application that has branched out from its initial photo-editing beginnings to be a full-fledged design tool for many users. Still, it can be a big challenge for new users to create great designs quickly, and you may often find yourself doing repetitive tasks over and over. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save yourself a bit of time and create better photos and designs at the same time? These 5 tips can help.

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Print Your Own Business Cards

Business CardsOrdering business cards can often get expensive, especially when print companies require you to order a large batch, even though you really only need a few. By printing your own business cards at home, you can print smaller batches in a more affordable manner: for just the cost of the media and the inkjet cartridges. This will allow you to try out different designs, different wording, or even make cards for each of your many different jobs.

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Major 3D Printing Patents Are Soon to Expire


Ask the average technology enthusiast (and maybe even the average Joe) what technologies they are most excited about, and chances are you will hear “3D printing” from more than a few. We’ve covered the Possibilities of a 3D Printer before, and it’s no secret that this technology could revolutionize more than a few industries, so what is holding it back from more mainstream adoption? The first obstacle is price, but the second, as it turns out, is patents.

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Dell Brings LED Printers into the Home and Small Office

LED printers are considered to be superior to laser printers, at least in a few ways, such as reliability. Until now, they haven’t reached smaller markets, on a wide scale. Until now. With dropping manufacturing costs, Dell is making LED printing more affordable for the home and small office, releasing new models that are both compact and affordable, while still using similar Dell toner as it does in its laser models.

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How To Print Gmail Contacts

Printing Gmail ContactsIf you use Gmail, you know it is a very advanced webmail client with benefits like archiving that few other services can match. Users can generally rest easy knowing that their emails and contacts are all there when they need them, but what about when you want a printed copy of your contacts?

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Dress Up Your Documents with Better Fonts


There is a long-standing joke among designers that Comic Sans is the most overused and misused font among Windows users, and is often a default choice when inexperienced users are looking to make a document or flyer a little more “fun”. If you are looking to dress up your documents, letterhead, presentations, flyers, and other creative projects, you don’t just have to settle for the fonts currently installed on your system, and you certainly don’t have to fall prey to the lure of Comic Sans! There are a number of great websites devoted to helping you find great fonts from talented designers. Some are free, and some have a cost, but most of them are a better option than the system fonts available on Windows and Mac computers.

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