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Stratasys and Objet Take the Plunge

Posted Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 by .


New Stratasys Ltd. CEO David Reis with the Objet260 Connex 3-D printer. Photo: Courtesy of Stratasys via

“Stratasys, the world’s largest 3-D printer company” and the not-too-shabby Objet have announced their merger, resulting in the new Stratasys, LTD., valued at $3 Billion. Nathan Hurst at Wired:

The resulting company, Stratasys Ltd., is expected to be valued at around $3 billion — $1.63 billion coming from Stratasys, while assigning an approximate $1.4 billion valuation to Objet. Objet’s former CEO, David Reis, will lead the company, while former Stratasys CEO and co-founder will stay on board as executive chairman.

The real question to come from this is…will it bring home and small office 3D printing closer to becoming a reality? 3D printers, as we’ve noted before on several occasions, offer endless possibilities for home and office use, the question is how the major players go about getting a viable home version to the mass consumer market.

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